May 11, 2006

Finishing what I started…

So yeah. Sometimes I can be real bad at finishing things (case in point the Olympic disaster is still in a drawer on the needles somewhere). And this translates into my blog in that I’m real good about posting the start of projects and then I always forget to post about the finished object. I’m gonna try to be better about this, I promise.

So here’s some Finished Objects (well.. sortof finished. I still have to line them but the knitting part is done!)

First up… the two of the bags I blogged about here:

Bag #1 – all in Patons Merino (except for the green), size 10 ½ needles:

And Finished:

Bag #2 – Patons Merino (pink) and random wool I dyed while on vaca with the old folks (green), size 10 1/2 needles. The green didn’t really felt at all but it worked out with where I had the bag shaping… now it just really looks like a bubble! Here’s prefelting:

And finished:

Ok and finally the finished One Skein clutch I blogged about here:

Now if only I had a finished lace shawl to post about! Almost done... almost....


  1. Cute! Actually, I really like your bubble bag -- very funky!

  2. i need to make the one skein clutch...where might i find the pattern?

  3. I love before and after pics of felting projects! They're all very cool - bag #1 is the best.

  4. The little felted bags are really adorable! I love the pink/green combo :)

  5. Anonymous9:37 AM

    I too love the bubble bag. Too bad you don't know what wool it was! Also, Colinette Shimmer 5 does not felt. Take it from me. *sigh* It just turns into a ratty mess, while the rest of the bag felts!

    There's a package on its way to you, BTW. Finish that lace shawl before it arrives! :)

    your SP

  6. Felting is so much fun! Love the bags. Hang in there with the shawl. You will get it done.


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