May 5, 2006

Fun with Dye (and wine)!

So last night a few of us got together for dinner, wine, and dying. fun! I didn’t take any good pictures of us actually dying anything (I was busy making dinner. And I forgot) but here’s our finished yarn.

I think we each made very "us" yarn.

Jessica’s Grape and Lime:

Jill’s Grape and Lime:

Jennifer’s 1994 yarn (she’ll probably blog about it so I don’t want to step on any blogging toes but it was inspired by tie-die):

And my project spectrum May yarn:

I used lime mixed with lemon, lime mixed with cherry, and plain old lime to dye this… and I wound it into 3 different skeins within the same skein… so hopefully that will work out into big stripes.



  1. Gorgeous stuff for PS. Your greens just glow! I still don't know what to do for May. I did buy a shitload of green yarn for a sweater. That may be the extent of it.

  2. love how everyone else's is nice and neat and mine is a trainwreck of tangles. yes, jeanne, very "us" yarn. super fun!!!!!!

  3. I love your bright green yarn ... perfect for PS.

    And the Tom Cruise website is awesome. He is such a freak!

  4. woohoo for dye night! thanks for hosting a fab times had by all and can't wait to see what this yarn looks like as the circa 95 booga :)

  5. Welcome to SP8 from your new hostess. Please check your email, from cecilysp8 AT hotmail DOT com, and I'll be able to send you your match as soon as I hear from you. :)


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