May 23, 2006

A new addition to our family

Andy got a dog!!! Dexter has a cousin!!!

The new dog is a blueheeler – or an Australian Cattle Dog – and his name is Mitch. Andy found him through (a great website! We found Dexter there too). He was at a high-kill shelter and was supposed to be put down last Tues. morning. My brother called literally just in time and then picked him up last Saturday.

He’s adorable and such a sweetheart. He’s obviously been a little starved for attention – he gives hugs!! Seriously – he’ll come up to you and put both of his front paws around your waist and snuggle into you. He has soooo much energy and is constantly playing. He’s also insanely attached to my brother already – one site called Blueheelers "fuzzy tumors" because they latch onto one person and follow them everywhere – that describes Mitch perfectly!

He’s not as much of a sweetheart when it comes to other dogs, though. Supposedly when they all first met Max (my parent’s dog) got real protective of Dexter (my dog) and there was a little bit of fighting going on. I’m sure they’ll work it out… they just have to figure out who’s in charge. My guess is it’s going to be Dexter. He’s small but he’s bossy! Gotta love a terrier!!

The other times that they’ve been together Mitch seems to really like Dexter – we took them out to my grandparents’ house (they have a huuuuge yard) and Dexter would run, run, run, and Mitch would chase him (I think he was herding him!) But Mitch is younger and bigger with a lot more energy then Dexter so they would play to a point and then Dexter would snarl – no fur up, just a little showing of the teeth –And then Mitch will back off for a while… and then he’d get bored and go back to trying to play with Dexter…and Dexter would get annoyed....

It was really amusing to watch… but anyways... Yeah for Andy!


  1. Congratulation on the newest addition to your family. That's awsome how you found him just in time. Many happy years for all of you :-)

  2. Anonymous12:35 PM

    I love cattle dogs - they are so handsome, but look sturdy too, hehe. I'm having a hard time waiting til June to mail your next package, since I got you something exciting!! (I had to order some for me too, to prevent jealousy, of course.)

    your pal

  3. ACDs are great frisbee dogs - one of the top competitors in the US has them. Let me know if you think Andy's like more info on this - (I know this pro personally and she's very helpful getting new people started in disc sports.)

  4. congrats to andy!! what an interesting coat...such a cutie!

  5. What a cute dog! He sounds like a sweetie. : )

  6. Way to go Jeanne! haven't checked your blog in a very long time and it was good to see so many great pictures and details. Keep it up and I promise to check more often!


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