May 5, 2006

Random Friday Fun

Did you know that Cleveland is getting a space in the new Monopoly edition? And that you can vote here on what our space will be? How fun! Although I definitely agree with Craving Cleveland’s thought’s on what our options are. It would be an awesome recognition of the strength of our arts and culture if we had a Cleveland Orchestra, Cleveland Museum of Art, or a Playhouse Square space. But unfortunately there is no write in slot. It’s a fun website anyways, though!

Oh and by the way if you translate my blog with the gizoogle translater the sentance "I bought tha Addi Turbos so i can get mah pimp on." comes up. So true. So true.

And I joined the Lace Shawl Knit Along....

But my new favorite website is Tom Cruise is nuts. It’s hysterical. And apparantly if you google Tom Cruise it comes up third. It would be so amazing if it came up first… so let me help in that quest by linking to it a few more times. Tom Cruise is nuts. Tom Cruise has lost his mind. Tom Cruise is batshit crazy.

Happy Friday!!!

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