May 12, 2006

Salsa Garden Plans

So ok I know I’ve talked about wanting a salsa garden… and here’s what I’ve sketched out (yes I know it’s all drafted but that’s how us architects "sketch") for my 4’ x 8’ raised bed:

From top to bottom (with the abbreviations in parenthesis):
1 – 2’ row of cilantro (C)
2 – 2’rows of Onions (O)
2 – Cayanne Peppers (or something similar) (p.cay)
2 – Jalapeno Peppers (or other hot peppers) (p.jal)
1 – Purple or Yellow Bell Pepper (p.ppl)
1 – Red Bell Pepper (p. red)
2 – Green Bell Peppers (p.grn)
2 – Tomitillo’s (t.tillo)
2 – Big Tomatoes like beefsteak or better boy for Matt’s sandwiches (big)
3 – Roma Tomatoes (roma)
Basil (ba) interspersed around the tomatoes
Parsley (p) interspersed around the tomatoes
2 or so marigold (mg) plants also interspersed w/ tomatoes – they are supposed to be good for pollination and getting rid of bugs ‘n stuff. Yeah for companion planting!

So I know I’m missing garlic which is essential to any salsa I would make but according to my grandpa (who is my guru/idol on all things food growing) I have to wait until fall to plant garlic. Plus it’s supposed to be good planted near roses b/c they help each other. Again I don’t really understand companion planting but I’m going with it….

Am I missing anything? What else goes in salsa that I could grow? Am I going to have enough peppers/tomatoes to make salsa? Any other thoughts?


  1. Yum! This post is making me hungry.

    Mango is good in salsa, but I doubt we could grow it here on the North Coast. :)

  2. I'm going to an plant sale in Middlefield next weekend - she is supposed to have tons of herbs and sent me a HUGE list of the heirloom tomatoes available (even PINK ones!). Email me if you would like the info.

    You architects are SO organized!

  3. wow, what a cool garden that will be!! It makes my little garden look so small!

  4. i have no gardening advice but I CAN'T WAIT to try some of that salsa!!!

  5. I don't remember the rules but my dad had certain rules that hot peppers could not be next to regular peppers because they would cross pollinate or something and they would end up with strange tastes. Also there was some rules about how close green peppers could be to tomatos. I should have listened to my dad more but what twelve year old girl "forced" to garden with her father listens.

    I don't think that these things are old wives' tales either. I think most gardeners do follow certain rules.

  6. That is such a fun garden idea. I want one! : )

  7. Hi again,
    You'll probably have more than enough of everything to make enough salsa for everyone you know *grin*

    As for plantings, I think you've about covered it. I usually put some black beans in my salsa.. and I have a killer hot pineapple salsa recipe too....

    What's not to love about salsa?


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