May 2, 2006

what did you just call me?

An actual conversation that happened this weekend:

Me on my cellphone all proud and gloating "so guess what. I just walked out of a yarn store and I only bought the needles that I went in there to get."
Matt: "uh huh"
Me: "I ONLY bought the needles! No impulse buys! No yarn! No nothing! I have self-control!"
Matt: "how much were the needles?"
Me: "um…$17….. "
Matt: "….."
Me: "but they’re really good needles."
Matt: "You are such a yarn whore."

My husband called me a yarn whore. Not sure what to do with that…. But yeah. I have jumped. I have given in. I have listened to KDK and given up trying to knit a ginormous shawl with size 5 Denise needles. I bought the Addi Turbos. HOLY CRAP! They are AMAZING. Three cheers for German engineering! The Adamas will be done in no time. Here’s a pic:

I’m through 10 and a half repeats. Which is sortof kindof nearly in the range of being almost done! Of course now the shawl is so big it takes me literally a half-hour per row… but whatever… addi-turbos are fun!


  1. Well, *I'm* proud of you for only buying the needles. I know that takes self-control. :)

    Your Adamas looks great! I've obviously got some catching up to do!

  2. welcome to the wonderfully speedy world of addi's!!!
    are we dying tomorrow?

  3. omg - i just looked at your pics...the felted bags are turning out soooo cute! i need to make that button-hole one! and the green and pink one is just tooo cutie! have u felted the purple one yet?


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