May 9, 2006

Where to begin....

Well I don’t blog for a few days and them I’m completely overwhelmed with all I want to blog about! We had a very busy weekend… happy hour Friday turned into a night out in Tremont which is always fun. Especially when there is a Cavs game on… Oh and I totally got to trash talk…. After the game most of the group was leaving Southside… so me, Matt, my bro, and Jill (who I’m not linking to anymore because she never updates her blog anyways), decide that we need Edison’s pizza immediately. So we get there and we’re standing on the street eating our pizza and there’s this bartender chick playing with a hula-hoop trying to get people into the bar. … and I start trash talking a little. She wasn’t doing it right! And I knew I could totally kick her butt. I have few talents and hula is one of them…. So we threw down 2 hoops, 2 competitors, first one to drop loses. She didn’t stand a chance. But in the end (despite the vodka-fuled trashtalking, despite repeatedly kicking all of their arses) we made friends and having bartender friends is always a good thing. As is becoming Edison’s hula-hoop champ.

the pics are of us outside of Treehouse waiting for our sober driver. I think Andy was acting like Michael Jackson... not totally sure....

So then despite being a little rough on Saturday, Matt and I did some serious yard work… but I think that will be a post unto itself…. Sat. night my mom and I went shopping while the guys went fishing on the Peerless II… here’s some shots of their fun thanks to my dad (the old guy in the middle)
So I was mainly shopping for a dress for these upcoming weddings… I had exactly the same criteria as KDK:
  1. Had to be in my price range
  2. Had to match my shawl – I was thinking of something in a simple solid color – like brown or khaki… but unfortuantely right now everything solid is white. And call me old fashioned but I would be uncomfortable wearing an all-white dress to anyone's wedding but my own.
  3. Had to fit.

Ok now the last one really pist me off. *warning rant ahead* I am a petite. That does not mean I’m a tiny size 000… that does not mean I’m shaped like a board….it means that I’m short…. That ALL of me is proportionally short. Not that I need to hem a dress but that a dress cut for a "normal" person is not going to fit me because the hips of the dress will fall below my hips and the waist of the dress is going to hit me where my hips are leading to unfortunate fabric puckering. So if I want a dress to fit I need to buy a petite size… now I’m nearly 5’3. I’m not that short… really. I know lots of people who are my height or shorter and are my age. So why the f*ck are all of the petite dresses designed for 80-year old women???? Not even 80-year old women because I know my 80-year old grandma wouldn’t be caught dead in most of the fugly out there. Seriously WTF. I’m not a freak. I’m a size 10 (petite) – and that’s pretty darn average so why couldn’t I find anything that fit that didn’t remind me of a nursing home?! I don’t get it. Finally after going to 4 different stores and trying on many dresses that had the same it-doesn’t-fit-at-the-waist-and-hips-because-it’s-not-a-petite issue I finally found 3 or 4 decent petite dresses at Kauffmans. But of course nothing met criteria #1. Apparantly if you’re a petite and not an old woman they can charge you more. I ended up buying something that was a lot more expensive than I wanted simply because it was cute and actually fit. Now if I was 3 inches taller I would have had no problem finding something cute in my price range. GRRRRRRR. Luckily I got an additional 20% off for opening a store charge… so I guess it wasn’t thaaaaat expensive… but the whole experience just really, really annoyed me.

So yeah. That was the random of this weekend. The next post will be all about my backyard re-do and I promise it will be rant-free.


  1. Oh, how I feel your dress-shopping pain! I, however, am on the other side of the spectrum -- I'm 5'10", so all the dresses I like are way too short, and I'd rather not go to my sister-in-law's wedding looking like I just finished the afternoon shift on my corner...

    Congrats on finding a dress, though. I hope to find one soon, too. If not, I'm hacking off an old bridesmaid dress and calling it a day. :)

  2. Anonymous9:15 AM

    I understand completely! I always seem to have too much hip and *ahem* other things for most of the dresses out there - could this be why? Thank goodness Anthropologie and Banana Republic both have cute petite styles, cuz I love me some dresses! (Also, I shop there for sales. I cannot afford anything else!)

    Your SP8!

  3. sry bout the dress being a super-tall girl, too...can't ever find cute pants that are long enough and fit right. anyway, glad u found something...i'm sure it's lovely and u'll post a pic of it, right? :)
    hahaha on the non-link for jill, that non-updating blogger lol
    (oopsie...i haven't posted in a while either...i better do something about that soon or i'll lose my fanbase hehe)

  4. This is a bit off topic. I'd never heard of Edison's Pub. It sounds fun. I sent the link to my cousin Edison up in Cleveland. Yes he was named after Thomas Edison. He'd heard of it, and the deli next door but has not been there yet. I'm going to tell him about the pizza. That might get him over there.


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