June 15, 2006

Not much to report.

I’ve been knitting but my camera is on the fritz (it needs a new battery) so I have no pictures… I have nothing finished but I turned the heel on my second sock ever and the green gable fits really, really well so far. I also have my amazing lace project picked out (better late than never!) so there will be a big post coming about that later.

We had a ball in cincy… even though we actually went to 2 graduation ceremonies…I’m still kindof recovering….and it's Wed. ugh.

So anyways instead of real content I’ll just pass on another fun internet find:


Miss Tonia is organizing it and it looks to be a blast. I, unfortunately cannot participate as I’m limiting myself to only participating in one swap/exchange at a time and I’m already in SP8… but if I wasn’t in that I’d so be doing this!

Off to rowing...and it's perfect outside. nice.


  1. Thanks for the link to the Summer Sock Party! It might be something I'm interested in, but like you, too many swaps lead to trouble sometimes. Are you going to Fiberfest in Kirtland this weekend?

  2. Hey, thanks for sharing the link to the Summer Sock Party - this sounds so much fun, will head right over there and check it out!


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