June 25, 2006


So check out what I got in the mail on Friday:

THANKS SP8!!! It’s a skein of what is the nicest yarn I’ve ever owned. Beautiful colors, beautiful variegation, and so indescribably soft. Apparently it’s the same base yarn as koigu? I’ve never knit with koigu but I can’t even tell you how amazing this yarn is….and my SP even wound it into a ball for me (very considerate!!!) here’s a closeup.

The package also contained the pattern for the Raindrop Lace Socks and a highlighter to help me follow the pattern The socks are so beautiful. I love, LOVE, the lace pattern. I’m still a little intimidated by the whole not just plain ‘n simple socks thing… I may actually use the yarn and lace pattern and make a Raindrop Lace Scarf out of it. Or I might be brave and just do the socks… we’ll see. I need to think about it because seriously, this is the nicest yarn that I’ve ever had.

And the postcard that came with it is from an exhibit on Egyptian art that she went to – how cool is that?


  1. VERY cool! If it IS the same base as Koigu, you will love it. BTW, I was intimidated by the "not just plain and simple" sock thing as well but I took the plunge and it's not that hard, really. You've made lace so you can do this. BELIEVE me!

    What's the company of the yarn? I'd be interested in getting some as Koigu is so difficult to get sometimes. . . . .

  2. SP8 pal9:56 AM

    It's Fleece Artist, from tidalbrookyarns on ebay. ;) The lace pattern is only a 4-row repeat, BTW. Quite easy!


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