June 28, 2006

there is no blog only crazy.

Life in Cleveland is crazy right now. CRAZY. First off. Fourth of July weekend is this weekend… which means we’re having our annual party. Which is AWESOME. I’m so excited about it. Like can’t sleep climbing the walls don’t know what to do with myself excited. We’re having like a billion (no, seriously, a billion) people in town for the weekend. People are flying in from both coasts, driving from as far as 6 hours away, and I’m even going to get to see someone who I haven’t seen since college graduation 2 years ago. I think there’s about 11-15 staying with us from Fri-Tues with as many as 20ish on Saturday night. Yup. 11 to 15 people sleeping in my small, one and a half bathroom house 3-4 nights in a row. Starting to understand the Crazy?

Then there’s work. Of course the week that we’re so busy preparing for the onslaught of friends we’re both completely swamped at work. Completely swamped. I haven’t had to work late hardly at all this year but this week? Yeah. Crazy. But good Crazy – I like being busy at work and I really like the projects I’m working on and the people I’m working with… but sheesh. The timing!

Then there’s the knitting. Knitting Nurse mentioned to me that River Yarns was going out of business (THANKS KNITTING NURSE!!!!)…. So my mom and I had to hit that up. There will be a nice, long, post detailing all of my yarn purchases. I went a little … Crazy… yarn shopping with my mom is never (and by never I mean always) a good idea.

Did I mention that things are Crazy around here? My dog just came running in all excited with 2 chew sticks in his mouth. I have no idea where he got them from since Matt’s in the shower. I should go investigate that.

So yeah.. I’m sorry for the neglecting of the comments and the failure to return emails - but until after the Fourth there is no blog only Crazy. Bonus points if you know what movie that’s from.


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  2. i'll quit onlslaughting you at work w/ emails then ;). seriously, yo if you need extra space and people want to walk the mile my guest room and couches are available on saturday. just no stealers...and my room and bed are off limits... oh and punch the clown is playing at crazy rita's (detroit and almost warren) on friday night. that's a VERY friend friendly activity.....

  3. Movie line - Ghostbusters???? There is no (can't remember name),only Zul.

  4. I hope you stay sane during all the CRAZY! Have a fun weekend.

  5. Have fun!!

    Uh, Yoda? There is no try only do or not do?


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