July 5, 2006

Best. Weekend. Ever.

Yeah. All the pics I have are on the photoblog if you’re really interested… I’ll add to them as I get them from people (HINT! Send me your pics!)

So yeah. Everyone I’ve talked to said we were nuts to have this many people at our house for this long. But it’s easy to do when you have the best friends ever. Check out what they made for us:

Unfortunately this was the best pic I have of it... but it’s our very own cornhole (aka beanbag toss for those of you not from the ‘nati) set. It even has our monogram painted on it. They designed and made it for us!!! How nice is that!

Anyways… We started the weekend off at Don Pablos – it’s a tradition for the group of us hailing back to the days when we used to spend every single Tuesday afternoon drinking $3 margaritas there…. Aaaah college.

Notice my short hair and my green gable? I got so many compliments on the green gable btw – probably because once Matt had a few beers in him he kept telling people "Can you believe she made that?!"… but I don’t have a good pic of me in it so that will have to wait until my friends send more pics (HINT).

Then we went back to my place to grill out and play lawn games.

My brother brought a kiddie pool. He’s clearly a genius:

That night got a little crazy…

I stopped taking pictures somewhere around the hula hooping.

The next day the guys tried to go fishing but got blown off the lake… which worked out ‘cause we had a ball just playing games all day. And then we busted out the slip ‘n slide:

There’s all sorts of warnings on it that it’s not for adults and that if you’re over 110 lbs (HA!) you shouldn’t us it. Whatever.

Even the trip that we made to K-mart to buy more dishsoap for the slip ‘n slide was ridiculous amounts of fun…

Then Monday some people had to leave (sadness) and the rest of us went out on the boat to swim and attempt to waterski. Matt’s the only one out of the group of us who can even get up on the skis but it’s fun to try!


And the obligitory group boat shot… I had no idea that I was still rockin’ the sweet farmer’s tan from Memorial Day.

That night we partied it up Osam style over on the east side. But I have no pictures of that yet (HINT). True to form Lori Beth and I invented/inspired a new martini that will soon be on the Fairmont’s martini list. According to our waiter (who at first thought we were nuts) "it’s GD delicious!" It will either be called the rocket pop, the bluez, or blue rain… so if you’re ever out that way you’ll have to check that out.

Tuesday everyone had to go home. Our house feels weirdly huge and empty now…and I don’t think the dog has been out of his bed since everyone left. It was a great weekend and I’m pretty sure everyone had a great time… In fact the group decided that since the fourth is on a Wed. next year we’re all going to take Thurs. & Fri. off…

Best. Tradition. Ever.


  1. Yeah! I am so glad that you all had such a FAB weekend. It looks like you have a great group of friends. I can't wait to try out the new 'tini.

    What's in it?????

  2. u throw a great weekend party, girlie! thx for inviting us on saturday...we had an awesome time! oh yeah, and i left my cake pan there lol.
    the food was great and the friends even better...thx again!

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun! : )

  4. Such fun! Need to rethink how we use our kiddie pool. It's amazing how big and empty a house can feel after a big party. Good times. :-)

  5. wow! it looks like you had a great time! such fun :)

  6. kiddie pools and slip-n-slides are ALWAYS a great time!

  7. Your weekend looks like it was a blast! You're lucky to have friends like that.

  8. Yea for Corn Hole! Your party looked great, and atleast you didn't sleep through yours (like I did).


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