July 23, 2006

Congratulations, Dad!

10 years ago this week my dad started his own company. My mom equates this with jumping off a cliff… I was only 16 and just remember the whole thing being very, very scary. I can only imagine how scary it was for them with 2 teenagers to support/educate! But 10 years later it was all worth it. Thursday night we went to the anniversary party. It was really neat to see… and amazing to think about how far they’ve come. It’s no small task creating, sustaining, and growing any company over 10 years… but this is a manufacturing company in the US….Pretty phenomenal when you get right down to it.
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Anyway at the party we presented the super-secret project that my brother, and I (and Matt!) have been sweating blood into over the past week:

Peerless Metal Products

It’s a webpage for their company. The link won’t work as it isn’t online just yet – we wanted my dad and his partner to have approval before we uploaded it. I’ll re-post the link sometime next week once we finalize and upload everything. Before Thursday they had no web presence… no domain name… none of that. And we designed, wrote, and completely created all of it for them from scratch. They were thrilled! It still needs some work but overall I’m really starting to be happy with the way it turned out. So yeah…

Congratulaions, Dad!


  1. A web site is a great gift! I bet they think their kids are super high tech too. : )

  2. What an amazing and thoughtful gift. And YES, CONGRATULATIONS DAD! You should all be very proud indeed!

  3. congrats, dad! and wtg to go on the completely awesome and thoughtful gift...u two are great kids!!


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