July 25, 2006

Knitting 'n Poker


Jennifer said that I write good posts while the boys are here playing poker… so as not to disappoint…. We’re back into the Tues. routine of me going somewhere and knitting and Matt having all of the guys over. Only tonight I’m back early ‘cause we weren’t “knitting” at one of our houses – also considerably less wine was consumed than normal so I can totally justify sitting here eating icecream right out of the carton (which Matt HATES. But he’s out there smoking a cigar so it balances out. We all have our vices.) I love that we have a patio so they can play outside… 6 guys are here and my house doesn’t smell like either feet or cigars. Bonus.

My brother’s dog just ran in here looking for attention and my little dog stood his ground beside my office chair…there was some growling involved (which for such a little dog sounds hilarious and not ferocious AT ALL.)….can we say jealousy issues? Yeah… I think it’s clear that Dexter has to remain an only-dog…despite how bad I want a puppy after meeting Dublin. Oh well…

I’m gonna go figure out how to DVR knitty gritty now….

And just so I don't have a post with no pictures here's a random one that I took of Nyhaven in Copenhagen, Denmark from when I spent a quarter studying there waaay back in '01. Random... I know... but it's one of my fav's.

Photo Hosted at Buzznet


  1. WOW! What a FAB picture. I can see how that is one of your faves.

    Made me smile!


  2. Hee hee hee - feet and cigars. I always thought gorgonzola cheese smelled like feet (when it's melty) - so I wouldn't let that in your house either.

  3. definitely not disappointed...thanks for the poker post :)
    sit n knit was fun...thx for inviting me and we'll definitely have to do it again!
    love that pic, by the way!

  4. Oh, isn't such a patio an amazing thing? You can place everyone out there and have your peace and no smells around in the house - great! ;)
    I love the pic you shared of Copenhagen, that's certainly a place I'd love to go to one day!


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