July 14, 2006

Peter Piper

So I took some nice pictures of my garden this morning but sadly did not have time to download them…. I’ll probably add them to this post tonight… Anyway…

In my garden I have 3, beautiful, wonderful, ready to be picked green peppers! These lucky peppers will be the first things that I’ve grown and eaten myself (herbs don’t count). I’m so excited! But I need something special to make with them… something summery and yummy that shows off how amazing home-grown veggies are. Any ideas?

I’m going to have hot peppers and tomatoes soon… and my cilantro is taller than the onions! I can almost taste fresh salsa…..

In other randomness… on Tues. my mom and I went to the sit and knit at Birds of a Feather. Thanks to Knitting Nurse for inviting us! Btw. if you check out her blog she has pics of the new planter she built - it was inspired by our patio! Which is just so flattering and cool... Anyways...It was a fun group… I’m looking forward to going again sometime soon.

Oh and there’s lots of stuff going on in Cleveland right now… Harborfest and the Ingenuity fest… and what’s super fun is if you watch this Spiderman 3 trailer the part where the big dude is busting out of the building is in Cleveland! Guess they used all of that footage they shot here…

Happy Friday!


  1. mmm...stuffed peppers w/ home grown peppers would be the bomb!
    count me in for the next knit night @ birds of a feather!

  2. Glad that you came. It was fun having you and your mom there. I hope you will keep coming.

    BTW, what did your mom decide to do about that top????

    And I agree with Jennifer about the stuffed peppers . . . . . .

  3. I am sure that anything you make with the fresh veggies would be delicious ... shish kabob, pasta salad, salsa, veggies & dip. : )


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