July 7, 2006

Serious Stash Expansion

So blatantly copying Turtlegirl's idea I bring you Yarn P_rn Friday:

The weekend before last River Yarns was having a going out of business sale where everything was 50% off. I went with my mom and bought all sorts of fun stuff...

A really cute novelty yarn trimmed felted bag (and some doggie feet):
A large felted tote bag:

A Lotus Blossum Tank Top:

And an Hourglass Sweater:

I even picked up a pair of socks for Matt:

And some new tools:

Luckily I have nothing to do all summer but knit (HA! I have something major every weekend for the rest of the summer… not to mention rowing… and the fact that my house is trashed right now from last weekend… and my garden… and work being crazy right now…)

Oh and I started the cherry blossom shawl last night... lace on wood double points sucks. The tips aren't pointy enough to do the k2tog's and the yarn overs confuse me when they're between needles. I'm starting to get the hang of it though!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Way to stash up girl! 50% off sales can be dangerous. :-)

  2. Lots of projects! At least you know what you want your yarn to become. ; )

  3. i agree w/ kristin...at least u have something in mind when u splurge on yarn...i never went to the sale for the sole reason that my stash is so huge and full of mostly novelty/joann-type yarn and i just don't have anything in mind/any time to use it right now...sad, very sad. love ur new project ideas and can't wait to see the shawl progress!!

  4. Looking forward the shawl process also, as I've been wanting to start one myself, but am a little chicken. I was at River Yarns, too. Actually, a couple of times. And I'm thinking of going today. I've started buying with projects in mind, too. I used to just grab b/c it was pretty. No more. BTW, Yarns by Sue buys yarn you don't want anymore--even partial balls from finished projects--for store credit. Pretty cool.

  5. Ahhh - now that's yarn porn to its fullest! I can't for the life of me decide which yarn I'd like best, I love them all - and mind you, I can't wait to see all the great projects you're going to do! Have fun!

  6. I love your new yarn. I have the same shade of bamboo to make a tank, isn't it soft? And I love the color you picked for you Hourglass, very nice.

  7. your secret pal 810:27 AM

    Hey girl :) I will be mailing out your last package after the 15th, and it has some very yummy things in it (I nearly wrote "thongs,"
    whoops!) By the way, do you have Rowan 30? I ordered a package deal to get 4 mags for $20, and no. 30 I already have. Lemme know and I'll send it to you!

  8. oooh! Great stuff! I am hoping to make the hourglass sweater, too...

  9. Heh, steal the idea with glee! You gotta love the pr0n. I love how you bought stuff with an actual plan for it. I really need to start doing that myself. Heh.


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