September 10, 2006

Andy Hunting.

So. My brother (who I’m hoping doesn’t read this) has asked me for a pair of wool socks to wear hunting. This is a huuuge responsibility because:

  1. My brother is picky. Real picky. Like he buys his jeans at full price and doesn’t even wait for a sale or a trip to the outlet store picky.
  2. That being said he’s still a guy… and I can’t imagine any guy I know hand washing their socks.
  3. He’s going to wear these in the woods in the winter. I don’t want him losing a toe to frostbite b/c I chose yarn poorly or used bigger needles so it would go faster.
  4. He actually requested a handknit – and I dunno about you but when a friend/relative actually wants me to knit them something I have to go all out. They must be perfect.
  5. These will be my Christmas gift to him so this is deadline knitting. I know it seems like it’s a long way away but there are a lot of stitches in socks.
  6. I want to knit them toe-up because it’s super fun to complicate a large project that’s on a deadline.

I’ve been stalking yarn and sock patterns to come up with the perfect Andy Hunting Socks for awhile now… I wanted wool that was thicker than typical socks but not as thick as worseted, that was unbearably soft but also machine washable, and that was in manly colors. I think I’ve found it all in Dalegarn Falk… yeah ok so it was expensive… but he’s my only brother. I even knit a swatch.

From there finding a pattern was pretty easy – I’m just going to use the Sockulator (which is one of the coolest knitting tools I’ve seen) and go from there… yeah for toe-up socks!

And don’t worry – I haven’t forgotten about the Tempting II – I just need to get something portable back on the needles for bus knitting….


  1. I've been contemplating knitting a pair of hunting socks for my father for the holidays. I'm not a sock knitter though so it seems a bit daunting to me. Maybe I'll see how yours go and take it from there. Good luck!

  2. My brother hikes (he's been doing the Appalachian Trail in weekend chunks, with his wonderful only sister enabling his reunions with his car) rather than hunts (he's also an animal rights vegetarian) but I think you've just solved my Christmas/Hanukah present dilemma (he's also a bit anti-materialist) for him.......

  3. Wow... sockulator... that's so cool. I've never seen anything like it before.

  4. Your bro is going to LOVE them. I'm glad you didn't put a picture of them up here (just in case he peeks). I love them though. They look AWESOME!


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