September 1, 2006

Friday before a long weekend.

This is random but it’s the Friday before a long weekend...

My SP8 revealed herself to me via letter:

One Girl Trying

Hi SP8! Thanks for all of the goodies!

Last Friday I sent back 3 of my Denise cables that have all broken in the past year… well yesterday I got a nice letter from them along with a completely new set of replacement cords. They replaced my entire set! Supposedly it’s rare for that many to break on one set – they think mine was faulty…I think perhaps I may have been tugging on them a little too hard but whatever - I love companies with good customer service.

And finally what the hell happened to Jordan Catalano?
He used to be so sexy in a brooding teenaged bad boy in flannel sort of way. It’s sad to see turn out like this.

Have a great long weekend!


  1. WOW! Denise is awesome if they replaced your whole set. I really should use my Denise needles more...

    And Jordan Catalano (aka Jared Leto, aka HOTTY OF ALL HOTTIES!!!) kind of looks he could be in a tribute to the Cure. Or maybe he is playing Robert Smith in a movie.

  2. That is great customer service. Makes me appreciate them so much more.

  3. personally I still think he is hot. I mean, maybe not the marrying kind, but the let's-get-it-on-in-the-bathroom-during-a-concert kind! (Bronwyn, who is a very naughty SP indeed.)

  4. Holy shit! I just watched the VMAs and was thinking the exact same thing. Jordan was cute ... this guy, not so much! Worst look ever!

  5. Eeew he looks so creepy now.

  6. that's awesome about the denises. thanks for the fun knit knite, btw - i had a great time and appreciate the "hand-holding" when it comes to the sweater...i know i need to be more confident, but i just don't want to screw it up. anyway, i ordere the sz7 options today, so i can't wait for them to arrive! guess that will hold me over until xmas/bday time ;)

  7. Just came across your blog from the SKC and have been enjoying the archives! Yeah, good point on Jordan - he was delectable before. Ditch the eyeliner, dude.


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