September 26, 2006

Gone but not forgotten (I hope!)

So yeah… I’ve been gone. Truth is I haven’t been much in the mood for knitting/blogging these past few weeks… I think it’s because well – ya know how after you finish a big project that feeling of just being done? Of being completely spent and exhausted and just over it? I’m not sure if this is a normal thing for most people or something I picked up in Architecture school but that’s how I felt after I finished the Tempting II. Done. Done with knitting, done with blogging, Done with all of it. Which is a horrible, horrible thing to say about something as wonderful as knitting/blogging but that’s kindof where I was at.

Add that to a death cold that LB was nice enough to pass on to me... and some crazy busy/deadlines at work…. and suddenly two weeks go by with no blog.

I did, however, found myself circling my bead table…. Picking things up… opening containers to see what’s inside… finding things I forgot I had. It’s a pretty impressive stash.

I am a fickle thing and easily distracted by shiny objects. But at least I’m back.


  1. Glad to have you back! I can relate to how you feel about being done. When I'm done with a big project, I feel like I need to do something small so I can get that feeling of accomplishment quickly!

  2. And we're glad to have you back!

    Ooh! Shiney!

    I have more beads to buy for my stitchmarker/row marker class next week. I love making those things.

  3. See That's why I keep starting projects and not finishing! Nver feel that finihsed relief! And I can continue on knitting/or what ever crafty project is on mine mind!

  4. welcome back, girlie!

  5. Pretty purple beads! We all need a break sometimes. Hope you had a good one!

  6. Glad to see you are back. The beads are pretty.

    Taking a knitting break can be a great thing. Enjoy your break and have fun with the beads, etc.

  7. It is good to take a break! I haven't knit much in the past few months. I hope we're both back on track soon. : )

  8. yay! I missed you! Ive been in a bit of a knitting/blogging funk lately, too. Sometimes I dont even feel like reading others' blogs. Sad, huh?


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