September 1, 2006

So don’t worry I haven’t given up on the Tempting II again… but I have to pause on it briefly because….

I finished the Matt Socks!!! Yeah!!!

Pattern: Cuff-down simple men’s sock pattern –

64 stitches, 10.5" from heel flap to cuff - size 2 needles Yarn: Regia color Basalt– 2 balls (with very, very little leftover)
Timeline: Mid-July through end of Aug. There are a lot of stitches in socks.

Now that those are done I have nothing to knit on the bus (the horror!)… Oh but I will soon….I'll try to post about that at lunch...


  1. Hurray for finished socks! I had very little left when I did Pomatomus... that can be really scary when you think you're running out of yarn.

  2. Cool manly colors. Gotta love socks!

  3. totally manly - love 'em!!

  4. Yay for finished socks! Great colors.


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