September 29, 2006

So, how's the kntting going?

The Andy Hunting Socks are getting there:

I started the second one without finishing the first b/c I can’t decide how I want to finish them… should I put a (skinny) blue stripe at the top and finish off the little bit of blue yarn that I have or just stick to the gray? How far can I rib before I run out of yarn? etc. etc.

The grandma cherry blossom shawl has grown a (very) little:

But I only have one more repeat before the edging!

Yeah... I'm trying real hard to finish at least one of these before I cast on for anything else.... I'll let you know how that works out. Heh.


  1. the socks look great and the shawl is coming along beautifully! thanks for the knitting help last night...didn't start the increasing, but will get to it hopefully excited cuz i get to start using my options needles now that i'm done w/ the sz5 needle ribbing!!!!! wooohooooooo!

  2. The socks look great. They're toe-up? I love the blue heels.

  3. The socks look great! And the shawl -- gorgeous! Grandma will be so happy! Can't wait to see the finished product...

  4. OHH the shawl is such a pretty color!

    I just started my first sock! We'll see how that goes!

  5. The socks look great. Look at those tiny little needles. Those would be the death of me!

  6. Oooh, I SERIOUSLY think that you should add a small blue stripe right before you start the ribbing. That would be so cool!

    Can't wait to see the grandma shawl. Let me know when you are done with it and taking it to sit 'n knit. I'll bring DS with me if I can't find a sitter but I HAVE to see it before I move!

    Miss you soooooo much!

  7. Those socks are looking great! Definitely comfy. And the shawl... all I can say is WOW!!!

  8. I think a blue stripe at the top of the sock would look great.


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