September 13, 2006

Tempting the Tribe

First off thanks for all of your advice on the dropped stitch! I think I'm going to ladder it back up to where I already turned the heel... then sew it down with sewing thread.

I will be at Stitch ‘n Pitch Cleveland to see the Indians play tonight… hope to see you there!

You should be able to easily recognize me… I’ll be the one wearing a brand new Tempting II.


  1. Yay! A finished Tempting II! Can't wait to see it modeled!

  2. You finished it!

    Dang. Wish I could have gone to the game. It would have been great.

    You better post of picture of it soon!

  3. I am at work right now looking out towards the stadium wondering if you and your knitting are getting rained on!

  4. and the tempting ii looked fab, girlie! thanks for the super fun knitting night!!


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