September 12, 2006

Wine + Knitting = BAD

Well I guess I’m not very good at this knitting thing since I keep making silly mistakes…

Like this dropped stitch:
Photo Hosted at Buzznet

Which is totally from the knit night with the girls… we were all knitting… but I’m pretty sure that at least Jill had the sense to stop once we opened our 4th bottle (there were 4 of us)… I, however, was determined to work on the sock until the pizza got there. And I’m this is the result….which of course I didn’t notice until two weeks, several inches, and a heel turn later.Photo Hosted at Buzznet
So now what? I know I should just squeeze the stitch up the ladder between the other two using a crochet hook… but then what happens when I get to the heel turn? Plus this sock is knit TIGHT… so I’m not even sure it’s possible to carry the stitch up. Ripping is not an option.



  1. Even though its knit tight, you can totally carry the stitch up. And when you get to the heel turn, just incorporate it into a k2tog or something. You can do it! And let this be a lesson that drinking and knitting, while totally fun, lead to interesting lessons :-)

  2. I second what Amy said. It'll probably look sloppy right after you finish laddering it up, but later on, after it's been washed, you won't be able to tell anything has happened.

    Same thing happened with me and some vodka a couple months ago. We'll never learn. :)

  3. I always make mistakes when I knit with a group. Just talking is enough to throw me off.

    If you just can't bring yourself to carry that stitch up, you could sew it in. Bummer.

  4. Annie6:38 AM

    You're going to have to suck it up and ladder up! It'll be worth it. And ditto Amy's K2together when you get it to the top. Maybe you should have a glass of wine while you do it. (Just one, though!) Good luck!

  5. You aren't a bad knitter . . . it's the WINE that was bad and did this to your sock!! Good luck with laddering it up - I still don't know how to do that, but I'm quite sure you can!!!

  6. since i'm not a sock knitter (yet) and i don't know how to do the ladder thing either (thank you karen for making me not the only one lol), i have no advice. just wanted to say that you are not a bad knitter!! afterall, you are my knitting idol...and don't you forget it!

  7. oh,god. i haven't even looked at my sock from that night. i'm sure its all BAD!!! (i do vaguely remember making some rather "creative" fixes to mistakes that i was making. its going to be BAD!). oh i had to rip a whole booga bag out once after drinking a bottle of wine and knitting the wrong way on my circs..... good luck!

  8. You can TOTALLY carry it up the ladder. The other stitches will eventually loosen to even it out. I speak from experience. . . . .


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