October 4, 2006


So blogging for me usually means I write (or at least start) the post in the evening take pictures and upload them the next morning before work, then finish the post and add the pictures in during lunch. It works for me b/c then I'm never really spending alot of time on it - just little bursts of time...

Anyways...just when I’m all about blogging again two things completely throw off my blogorhythm:
  1. Our internet decided to stop and neither of us has had the time/energy to call SBC and figure out what the hell is going on.
  2. I’ve been super, super busy at work so I haven’t really been able to take any type of lunch break.

I have a whole backlog of posts that I’ve started but never finished on a CD with me here today (seriously not having internet at home sucks so hard)… my plan is to stay at work late to finally get the blog going again… we’ll see how far I get but be prepared for a whole slew of posts right around 6:00 tonight.

You have been warned. :-)


  1. What a pain in the behind! But we do love to read the blogs, don't we? Looking forward to it, whenever you manage it.

  2. can't wait! i've been slackin' lately myself, but don't have nearly as good of an excuse as u...i'm just plain lazy ;)


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