October 13, 2006

Fingerlakes Fingerless Gloves

So I still have not downloaded and sorted all of the pictures from our trip…plus I’m not really sure how I want to blog about it b/c I’m very, very tempted to write about all of the wineries but that would be boring… so how about a little knitting content instead?

Fingerlakes Fingerless Gloves aka My Fetching AnniversaryMitts:
Photo Hosted at Buzznet

Pattern: Fetching from Knitty
Timeline: I cast on in the car right around Chataqua and knit during the part of the ride that Matt was listening to the Cjhicago/Buffalo game (he has a Bears quarterback for his fantasy league so this was a very important game. Riiiight.)
Photo Hosted at Buzznet
Then I knit again at the B ‘n B while Matt watched the Steelers game… I finished them in the car on the way home while we both listened to NPR because after 48 hours of no news we were both going a little nuts. Apparantly we're complete NPR junkies.

Modifications: I knit them on a size 5 instead of a size 6 because I have small hands, plus I really, really didn’t want to run out of yarn. Also I messed up and crossed the second cable a row early – so I made that same "mistake" on the second glove, too. It’s not a mistake if they match!
Photo Hosted at Buzznet
Yarn: 1 ball of cashmerino with a decent amount leftover.
The verdict: I really like these – quick project, only one ball of yarn, etc. etc… but… I don’t think I like the picot bind off. It’s really pretty – and I like how it lines up with the purl columns… but it makes the gloves very open at the top. I’m planning on wearing these while knitting at the bus stop and I guess I wanted something a little snugger in the hand to keep me warm. Oh well. I also am not super-thrilled with the way that the thumb works. It may be my knitting but the join between the thumb and the hand looks rather sloppy. I think if/when I knit these again I may try to figure out some type of gusset or something. They are real cute, though and I’ve been wearing them almost constantly since I finished them!

In other news…I think my next project is going to involve this:
Photo Hosted at Buzznet Photo Hosted at Buzznet

It’s two skeins of Lornas Laces Shepherd Sock in the Desert Flower colorway from my Secret Pal 8. I think Soctoberfest is the perfect time to start something with it! Plus I need some new bus knitting (the Andy hunting socks are done but not finished… I turned them inside out, realized I have a lot of ends to tuck in, and haven’t looked at them since. I need to somehow force myself to finish them so I’m not frantically tucking in ends and cursing minutes before I have to wrap them.)

Whew! That was alot of lunchtime blogging! Have a great weekend!


  1. Yummy -- Lorna's Laces is my favorite.

    Please post if you wear your mitts. I made the pair from Weekend Knitting out of Lambs Pride but I feel slightly baglady-ish in them so I gave them to the munchkins for dress-up.

  2. Super duper cute gloves! : )

  3. Pink power!

    DH and I love NPR too.

  4. I did a peasant thumb on a mitten long ago and decided then and there that I won't ever do another without a gussett. Even if I have to design myself on the go.

  5. Love the gloves and the yarn! Double points scare the crap out of me though...I don't know what NPR is?

  6. love the fetchings and that sock yarn is yummy :)

  7. I just finished my first fetching and I turned it into fingerless gloves - you know the kind with fingerholes? And I added 4 cable twists to the cuff to make it longer. I ended up doing a twi-stitch i-cord bindoff on the fingers. I'm pretty pleased with it that way. Now to weave inall those freakin' ends! Gah!

    And I can't wait to hear about the wineries! It'll be a trip down memory lane for me.


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