October 4, 2006

Getting Closer

The Andy Hunting Socks are so close to being done I can feel it:

I ended up knitting the blue stripes on both socks simultaneously off of the same ball working from both ends… I wanted to be sure that I wouldn’t run out and that the stripes would match exactly. A little OCD I know but whatever…

I also think it’s so cool that as Becky pointed out the socks are blueheelers… and my brother’s best friend is a Blueheeler. I think he’s going to love them.

Also – does anyone know of a good, loose bind-off method for K2,P2 ribbing? I’m not sure how to do that and make it stretchy enough for the cuff of a sock…

The Grandma Cherry Blossom Shawl continues to inch along:

I’m done done done with the body part now! I started the knit on edging but it doesn’t look right… I think I need to rip back and try again….

Finally – October is Socktoberfest. I joined but I don’t really have any huge goals… I think my main goal is just to pay attention to the blogs and learn as much about socks as possible…. Perhaps even get up the courage to start some socks out of the wonderful yarn my SP8 sent me… I dunno yet… I have to finish the Andy Hunting Socks before I can even think about it...

Ok well.. my "slew of posts" turned out to be just two… I have more but I have to get home, walk the herd, and make dinner before the season premier of Lost tonight!


  1. When I cast off on my K2P2 ribbing, I usually just do the boring old knit two stitches and slip the first over. Except that I make the stitches really lose andd don't do anything to pull them tight. If you have bigger needles, I say just go up a few sizes.

  2. The shawl looks lovely. I'm doing my first lace project now and love looking at the patterns other people are using!

  3. Holy crap ... you are knitting and I am not. I need to do something about that - STAT!

  4. You did a great job on those stripes. And those socks are your first ones for Socktoberfest!

    I often cast off with a needle 2 or 3 times bigger because I knit too tight. I don't know any stretchy cast-offs.

  5. i would use the sewn bind-off. don't know how it would look with k2, p2 rib, but it is definitely v. stretchy.


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