October 4, 2006

Grocery Wars

So my parent’s dog Max is staying with us for the next week while they are out of town…. Now usually the two dogs get along fine… Max is big, dumb, and a complete sweetheart while Dexter is little, smart, and kindof sneaky. They make a great duo. Dexter bosses the big dog around and Max is happy to have someone to direct him. He even follows Dexter around the house all day waiting for instruction…We’ve decided to rename them George and Lenny.

Well then last night I went grocery shopping and Max claimed the grocery bags as his own. Dexter would try to sneak a peek at whatever was in them, Max would growl, and then Dexter would hide under the kitchen table waiting for another opportunity… This escalated into an all out scuffle where Max actually nipped at Dexter. Keep in mind that the two have spent lots of time together and have never had any issues before…

So now Dexter is terrified of Max and Max is confused. He wants to follow the little dog around and the little dog just wants to run away. It’s so not good…. But pretty funny to watch.


  1. That's just the way fox terriers are! Whenever Birdie (my late grandma's toy fox) visits, she's always bossing around our Labrador and stealing his toys, which he tolerates until he finally gives her a snap. That'll stop her for a while, but then she's right back at it.

    If he's lying down and wagging his tail, she'll jump on it until he knocks her over with it.

  2. hahaha - ur captions crack me up! we're having some aggression issues over here in the land of guinness and dublin lately...making an appt for dubs' last shots, so we'll talk to our vet then cuz i'm at my wits end w/ this issue. ugh...who ever thought a second would be fun was CRAZY :(

    wtg on the socks and shawl, btw - both are looking marvelous!


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