November 13, 2006

But a little Freaked Out

Things that are freaking me out right now:

  1. I’m having Thanksgiving. At my house. Like a grownup. Complete with a turkey and pies and china and extended family and everything. I’ve never hosted an actual holiday before. It’s not like we haven’t done plenty of entertaining – but seriously? Entertaining my friends is no biggie… they are just happy that we have a house and food for them… they’re not so picky about how clean that house is or what we’re feeding them. But this is Thanksgiving! With Grandparents! And I don’t even own a dining room table!!!
  2. Thanksgiving is only 10 days away.
  3. This weekend I’m leaving my house completely unsupervised so that Matt and his boys can have a guys weekend. This is perhaps not so good.
  4. I found out that Brittany got married 3 days before we did...and she has two kids. For some reason this freaks me out. Not that we want kids right now or anything... just that that's even possible.
  5. Christmas is only 41 days away. And people keep feeling the need to tell me this. Christmas knitting? What Christmas knitting? Who said anything about Christmas knitting?
  6. I have a huge work deadline on Dec. 1. I know we can handle it and I know I’m capable of getting everything done that needs to be done, but still. Big deadline.
  7. This website. Amusing, but kindof freaky.
  8. I’ve never made sweet potatoes or cranberries before… any ideas for recipes? I’ve also never made a whole turkey but everyone assures me that this is easy… I’m borrowing my grandma’s roaster to make it in… the roaster is 58 years old. That freaks me out, too.

Stress is good, though… keeps me on my toes… but sadly it cuts into the knitting time… Thuja part deux is barely started…

Oh well… at least we finally got around to raking the leaves!


  1. oh my're like totally a grown up now if you're having turkey dinner! don't can do it!!
    i have no advice cuz i'm like totally not a grown up yet ;) but i'm sure that you will do fine and everyone will have a fabulous time!
    love the freaky monkey site...thx for sharing ;)

  2. I'm positive it will work out great! I have a recipe for sweet potatoes that I can email you when I get home tonight, if you'd like. It's very simple and involves brown sugar and marshmallows! yum.

  3. Ohhhh Ohhhh I'd be stressed out too!!

    Ok, take a deep breath and take one task in at a time. You'll do fine with Thanksgiving. Make sure you have a helper, husband, friend or relative, if not to help, at least to have someone there when you freak out! :-)

    You'll be fine!!!! (but maybe you should buy a dining table, no?)

  4. Just make sure if you're making the turkey to check for a bag of gizzards and the neck before baking it.
    buy some canned turkey gravy or powdered mix just in case

  5. I am completely no help at all. I'm single, live in a teeny apartment with no extra parking. No hosting holidays for me!!!! :)

  6. Seriusly the ovenbag!! It ws great! AND EASY, no basting! I'll look I think I have one from last year, I'll put it in my knitting bag if you go tomorrow night! I also have a yummy sweet potato and a cranberry recipe. I'm glad that I'm not hosting this year, but my MIL requested the cranberry thing again! So that's what I'm taking there! I'll get copies of my recipes and bring them with me too. If you don't make it I'll email them to you. OK?

    I'm sure you'll do great and everything will be Fab. I ws terrified last year too! But everything went smoothly-and hey if for some reason it doesn't (and I'm sure you'll be fine) you can blame it on it being your first time!

  7. Turkey dinner is not too bad if DH helps out. You can do it! Two years ago we took over the family dinners and bought a big ol' table. Oh, and don't be afraid to ask people coming from nearby to bring a dish.

    I like your way of dealing with stress, too. Too stressed? Let's go dress a monkey! I've been playing Deal or No Deal to ease my stress -- I've won millions!

  8. You'll do great! Can I come?? JK

  9. I'm sure your dinner will be fantastic! We had our first Christmas last year, and once I managed to get my mum to stop 'helping' everything was fine! Seafood's a bit easier than turkey though i suspect!

  10. Oh so much stress!!!! Don't worry so much about Thanksgiving - I know you can do it and it will be great. And think of how proud you will be afterwards!! :)

  11. cranberries are easy! there's a recipe right on the back of the bag of cranberries. good'll be great!

  12. hey jessica's got a great sweet potato recipe. ask her for it. i'm sure you'll be fine, you're quite domestic!

  13. Oy! I can imagine so well that this Thanksgiving-thing freaks you out - I wouldn't be able to sleep anymore due to nervousness... But hey, you'll make this and you'll do perfectly fine, there's no doubt about that!
    By the way, thanks for sharing the link to that monkey-thing-webpage, this sent me off howling, I almost rolled over the floor laughing ;) You certainly made my day with that - what a scream!

  14. Good luck with the turkey dinner! Definitely recruit the hubby for help - I think that's key to staying sane.

    I'm in the same boat as far as xmas knitting - umm I'm supposed to be doing that? meep.

  15. Dudette, I am SO proud of you for undertaking Thanksgiving! You go GIRL!~

    I know you will be way too busy with the shawl and preparations for Turkey day so let me take this opportunity to say, May you have a Blessed and Outrageously AWESOME Thanksgiving.


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