November 29, 2006

The first of the charity knitting

It’s a scarf for our troops knit out of bernat camo yarn. Right now Catans is doing a thing with the USO where they are donating yarn for scarves. Appantly the average cold temp. in Iraq right now is 38 degrees which I totally didn’t know. How it works is you buy camo yarn from them, knit or crochet a scarf then bring it back to Catans, and they reimburse you for the yarn. It’s a pretty good deal. And however you feel about this war supporting the troops in any way possible is definitely a good thing.

The scarf is 14 stitches on size 15 needles, double stranded yarn, garter stitch all the way. It took me not very long at all… I knit it mostly on our trip to Pittsburgh to visit Matt’s family for their Thanksgiving. Where by the way I got to re-teach a 6-year old how to knit! I taught her last Thanksgiving and this year as soon as she saw my needles she was all over me. Her enthusiasm was great – she kept asking me (even during thanksgiving dinner) "can we get back to the knitting now?" and even better "maybe just one more row." How quickly they learn.


  1. What a wonderful and worthy project. I had no idea it got so cold there either. I love the knitting 6-year old!! "Maybe one more row" . . . . too cute!!! Oh yeah, she's one of us!!!!

  2. The knitting 6 year old, too cute! I wish I could get some of my friends to be like that!! LOL

    I didn't know Catans was doing that! I'll have to try to get there this weekend! What a cool idea!

  3. It's definitely a great thing supporting the troops any way possible - and this is a really wonderful project indeed!
    How cute the 6-year-old must be - she'll be a great knitter, that's for sure!

  4. my grandma and aunt are doing that project, too, although i wasn't sure how it worked. i will definitely head over to catan's when i'm feeling better and pick up some yarn. thanks for sharing!

    and isn't it great to see someone so young get into knitting? that's how i feel everytime i get together w/ my siblings (13, 10 and 6 yr olds) for a knit together : )

  5. What is Catan's? It it a retail store? Thats really great that they are doing that!

  6. Our Pat Catans said we have to knit or crochet while at the store.

    Go figure. I would love getting the money back though.

  7. Cool idea on the camo scarf! And I know what you mean on how cute it is when kids are interested in your knitting - my three year old niece was all excited about my knitting as well when I saw her over the holidays! She was playing with the yarn like a little cat!


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