November 8, 2006

Happy, happy

Things that are making me happy right now:


2.) I’m almost out of yarn on the Thuja Kneesock which means it’s almost done!

I even wound the yarn for its mate last night. Hopefully I’ll get it started tonight. I’m not going to cast off the first sock until the second one is done, though since my goal is to use up every single inch of yarn…

3.) I found that white wool in my stash yesterday (and wound it into pretty cakes while watching the election results come in).

It’s two skeins of Patons Classic Merino in winter white that I bought eons ago to dye. Well I’m not going to dye it but it’s perfect for what I had in mind for one of my Christmas gifts. Yeah for not buying more yarn!

4.) and also Yeah for buying more yarn! After I post this I'm off to make a big knitpicks order for several super-secret projects. I’ll keep you updated when it gets here.

5.) Brittany divorced Kfed!

6.) Today I’m sending off the Odessa I knit for Caps for the Cure (a week late but whatever…)

7.) I finally downloaded all of the pictures from our anniversary Fingerlakes trip! But blogger is being pissy so I'm going to have to upload them to my photoblog before I share... I'm going to go do that now.... it could take awhile. But hopefully tomorrow there will be a big long post with lots of pretty pictures!


  1. I'm in district 2 - and praying the provisional ballots will blue.

  2. Cheri7:24 PM

    did you see that they are now calling K-Fed.......Ready?.....FED-EX!!! I love that!

  3. Your happy list is a great idea. I enjoyed reading it. It's uplifting.

  4. Darn right I voted Tuesday, even though I missed your excellent PSA. I'm delighted to join in a rousing Go Blue!

    Looking forward to seeing pics from the trip.

  5. Wow, that's certainly a lot of reasons to be happy about - and some amazing reasons they are indeed! What an uplifting list - and now I'll be heading over to your photoblog right away having a look at the pics of your trip!

  6. woohoo on the knee socks being almost done! hope u have some cute mary janes to show them off w/ : )

    can't wait to see pics of the trip!

  7. Still loving the socks! They are too cute!

  8. Yay for de-stashing. I just went over my yarn budget (or lack thereof) and figured that I have to do most of my holiday knitting from the stash. eeek.

  9. Lots to be happy about politically! : ) The socks are coming along nicely ...

  10. Your kneesocks totally make *me* happy, too! I can't wait to see them when they're done!


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