December 18, 2006


Ok so sorry I forgot to do this yesterday… the whole Christmas preparation thing… you know.

Aaanyways here’s how I did this… I took everyone’s name who commented on the post and made a numbered list… I listed your name twice if you gave me a pattern suggestion – 3 times if you gave me more than one (a few people had emailed me more suggestions). Then I went to the random number generator and this is what I got:

Lucky number 7 is the winner!

That means that Knitting Nurse – you’re getting some yummy pink merino! I can't wait to see what you make with it! Thanks for playing everyone… I will have to do this again sometime soon!

In other news I had a great weekend... I so wish this picture didn't come out blurry:

Aren't we cute in our matching aprons? Baking cookies w/ my mom and my grandma is one of my fav. traditions... although this year I relinquished my rights to the pizzelle iron b/c my grandma needed to sit down and that is a sitting down kindof job…

Speaking of grandma’s I finished a hat this weekend for Jennifer’s grandma. Hopefully I’ll have some time to write up the pattern and post it tomorrow...

Congrats, again Knitting Nurse!


  1. Oh, how great you girls look in your aprons! What a lovely tradition it is to bake cookies together, I bet you're having a lot of fun every year!

  2. Anonymous4:20 AM

    That's so sweet :)

  3. what a fun contest! can't wait to see what knitting nurse uses the yarn for!

    and i'm sure you had so much fun baking w/ the ladies : )

    thx sooooooo much for taking the time to knit grandma a hat...i can't wait to see it and i know she's going to be super-excited to get another! she's gonna be so happy that i have such big-hearted friends!! thx again, girlie! xo

  4. 3 generations! How fun!!! You guys look great!

    I can't believe I won. I am soo excited. I think this is fate telling me that I have to finally make a "real" lace project. . . . nothing else would be good enough for that yarn. . . .it's so yummy.

    To the patterns now to search!


    BTW, did you pick your next lace pattern from all the suggestions yet?


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