January 23, 2007

Sock Books

Thanks for all of your compliments on my socks! I thought you guys would enjoy that conversation… Matt’s pretty cool with the knitting as far as husbands go – he wants me to knit for him! He notices when I’m knitting different things! He wears his handknits (the few that he has)! He doesn’t mind it when yarn takes over half of the couch! Really, what more could a girl ask for? I’m pretty lucky.

Aaaanyways so I did some googling and I found the link for the sock book I'm using. Amazon didn’t have it so I kindof assumed that it wasn’t in print or easy to find. I have it because my grandma gave it to me randomly last spring about 5 minutes after I told her I was knitting socks. She’s seriously the ultimate enabler.

The book is Knit Socks:Whatever the Yarn (scroll down) by Edie Eckman, who also wrote Learn to Knit Socks which is the book I learned sock knitting from! Her patterns are very clear and easy to understand. The book (more of a pamphlet) is kindof geeky, though. Some of the yarn color choices and photography backgrounds… well… yeah. Check it out:

Like I said… but the patterns are clear, fun, and interesting. I’m knitting the top sock in this picture – the Mock Smock Sock: Out of Knitpicks Sock Memories in Pansy. I have to say that I like the pattern much more with the hand dyed, multi colored yarn. Slipped stitches seem kindof blah in plain yarn…. Oh well. The only other modifications I made are that I made the sock taller and I kept the slipped stitch pattern going down the top of the foot...

So yeah...Happy Tuesday! You survived the Most Depressing Day of the Year!


  1. I love all of the socked feet at the same angles in different colors hehe

    Cheers to Matt for being a good knitter's hubby : )

  2. I will have to pick that first book up - I like the idea of knitting socks in worsted weight yarn. Not a big fan of size 1s and 2s. I like Edie Eckman too - I took a class with her at Stitches Midwest two years ago on "how to knit cables." She's really really nice and a good teacher.

  3. I'll have to check that book out. The socks there are awesome!

  4. Thanks for the heads up on the book. I really liked the pattern for those socks. I'll have to see about finding that book. . . . .

    BTW, go over to my blog. I just tagged you for a fun meme.

  5. Hey, man, whatever works in terms of sock books, right? Your socks are quite fantastic. I love Memories.


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