January 29, 2007

Wintery Weekend

So this past weekend we finally made it out skiing! We went to Peek ‘n Peak NY – which is only about 2 hours away. Not the biggest/baddest hill in the world but still pretty nice for being close enough to ski and come home in one day.

Matt jumping:

Andy jumping:

Me jumping:
Yeah right. That was Matt again. I don’t do jumps.
Then Sunday I spent all day recovering from the skiing by figuring out the neckline for Matt’s sweater. Crazy-making I tell you. See the Durrow sweater as written apparently has a very wide neckline. Plus it’s sortof a raglan/saddle shoulder combo which I’m not such a fan of. So I used my handy dandy Book of Sweater Patterns, a calculator, some graph paper, and one of his favorite sweaters and I think I have it all worked out. I’m making it have a set in sleeve with a wider saddle and a crew neck. I may be headed for disaster with all of this math and modifications but whatever. I’m not in any hurry with this. Hopefully I’ll have the back done tonight!

I also watched an embarrassing amount of the Winter X games. I love the X games. Love them. And the coverage was just so positive. It seemed like during the Olympics all Bob Costas wanted to talk about was the people who "lost the gold". It was all about building up impossible expectations for a few US athletes and then focusing on their defeat. I mean seriously how much did we hear about Lindsey Jacobellis or Bodie Miller (who deserved no media attention)? And how much did we hear at all about less mainstream sports or about athletes who weren’t American? It was annoying. Well the X games are just the opposite. I mean sure they take it seriously but last night when Sean White – the superstar - didn’t win the SuperPipe there wasn’t some big montage of his failure… instead they focused on how amazing Steve Fisher (the winner)’s run was. It was very refreshing.

So… how much does it have to snow to have a snow day from work? We’re talking like national emergency snow, right? I think I’d be fine with that.


  1. there's NOTHING better than a snow day!

  2. Awww, you could have told us it was you jumping - we never would have known the difference if the picture was small enough. :) It sounds like the revised collar is going to come out great. And the only snow I like is the snow that lets you stay in all day!! :)

  3. Sounds like you had fun skiing! I haven't gone in SO long!

    I'm still waiting for the snow day!! Just one would make me happy!!

  4. Ok, any amount of Winter X game watching can't be nearly as embarrassing as what I did yesterday...how come I had to watch the Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleading competition marathon from 4pm to 9pm?! I just couldn't stop...now that's embarrassing!
    Welcome to the new blogger and glad to hear you had fun skiing!

  5. Woo hoo! I love the X games too! Yeah for you for going skiing. All those years in Cleveland and I never learned to ski. RATS!

    I can't wait to see the Durrow. Gotta kill them brits y'know!

  6. Sounds like a fun trip! I don't ski though, but drinkin' hot chocolate by the fire ain't so bad either. X Games rule! I never knit when I watch them, I get to excited I lose count.

  7. I can't believe you get snow days! That's so cool. Although I guess we got heat days at school when it was too hot...

  8. Great photos!

    And guess what? We finally got white stuff over here on this side of Lake Erie. My kids and I got a snow day today! :-)

  9. Remember Wide World of Sports? The agony of defeat? Back when they showed the runs as they were happening instead of editing it together to show the top 5... That's what I miss. I want to see the run from the guy who came in 32nd.

  10. yeah. the Wide World of Sports was the best! Looks like you had fun skiing!

  11. I went skiiing this weekend too! At last there was enough snow! Good times ...


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