February 5, 2007

I am a moron, with cute socks.

So check out what my foot looks like right now:

See last weekend I went skiing… and somehow I hurt my foot. I didn’t fall so all I can think of is that my boots suck a lot. I knew my foot was hurting but I spent all week limping around thinking it would get better. I even spent 3 days on site for work – meaning crawling around construction sites on my feet all day – and went to the gym. Well Saturday I spent resting it (oh yeah and I made a big pot of soup, which kindof sortof involved some standing in the kitchen but homemade chicken noodle is totally worth it) and it still didn’t feel better. Surprise, surprise. So yesterday I finally sucked it up and went to the doctor.

Turns out I fractured my foot in 2 places. And I have a sprained ankle.

The doctor said he had no idea how I managed to hobble around for a week like that. I’m not on crutches b/c my doctor wisely decided that me on ice with crutches is more of a hazard than it would be worth. He also did not want to put me in a boot b/c the toes would be open… not a good plan in –2 degree weather. Instead I have something called a “gel cast” that luckily I can still wear wool socks and sortof walk around with. I have to “stay off of it, keep it elevated, and stay off of it.” for the next week… and if it doesn’t get a lot better then I’ll have to go on crutches. Boo to that.

I hate having to stay off of it. Seriously, after only spending Sunday couchbound I’m so so sick of it. I couldn’t do any of my normal Sunday things! No laundry! No grocery shopping! No gym!

This is going to be a very long week.

Luckily I do like to knit… and being completely couchbound means I’ll have lots of time for that….

Stay warm!


  1. Oh no!!! It was fractured and you walked around for a week? You are one tough gal!! I hope it heals up quickly and you don't end up with crutches. And I hope you find some couchbound tricks to keep you from getting too bored. :( I'll send healing thoughts your way!

  2. Heeehhh. How did you really manage for a week, in pain??

    But just think of all the knitting you can do.... :-)

    I hope you get better soon!!

  3. I can't believe you got around for a week with two fractures! I broke ONE bone in my foot about four years ago and I could not walk at all. I got this crazy shoe that had velcro closures and looked like a huge band-aid and I could get around on that, but it was not fun. Sorry!

  4. ouch! try to enjoy your time on the couch!

  5. I can't believe you walked around on it for a week! (Do you notice that all your comments say something along those lines???) But if nothing else, this is the time of year to do it. Wear your fun wool socks, stay inside and knit more.

  6. Sorry to hear about your foot. :-( Although I don't think I'd be sad about not being able to do laundry or grocery shopping... ;-)

  7. Ouch! Hope your foot is feeling better soon.

  8. Wow. That's amazing. At least you finally went to the Doc. Imagine what would happen if you kept toughing it out? Crazy woman.

    Your scarf is beautiful btw!

  9. Oh no! That must suck but at least you have beautiful warm socks to show off.

  10. Yow! I can't believe you walked around on it all week! Yowza! Glad you went to the doc, sounds like this week is a good week to be huddled up and cozy on the couch though! Hope your are feeling better soon!

  11. Oh man, girlie - that sucks!!! I hope it doesn't hurt too bad. How long are you off work? I hope you get lots of knitting and Dexter-cuddle time in! Get better soon, hun xo

  12. I am sorry about your foot! I hope it feels better soon.
    Listen to that doctor person. Rest and stay off of it. Imagine how much knitting you will get done.
    Movie rentals help the daytime tv problem. It is expensive but it keeps the day from being so freakin long.
    Oh and this is the one time you have a legitamate excuse to have Molly Maids come clean the house - how on earth can you push a vacuum. It is such a luxury for me. Last time I broke my ankle, I had a freind clean my house and I laid on the couch and talked to her the whole time. In the middle of the day. When everyone else was at work. It was better than the spa!
    Hope you get better soon.

  13. Good Golly Miss Molly! The socks look great! ;) Look at it this way... enjoy the rest period and lots of knitting. Soon you'll be as good as new.

  14. Is it crazy of me to be a little jealous of you and your poor foot?
    I feel for you, it's not until it happens to you that you understand what "staying off your feet" is all about..but dang if I am not a teesy bit jealous of all the knitting time you are going to get this week.
    I say, get some bonbons and become addicted to soap operas! Oh and the maid thing..heck ya! Hire a maid and then eat bonbons and watch soaps while she cleans the house..live it up!
    In all seriousness though, take care of yourself woman..and allow youreslf to take it easy.

  15. I'm sorry to hear about your foot! That is such a bummer. Ski boots can be so uncomfortable that I can understand not knowing that you actually hurt yourself.

    I hope you get to do a lot of knitting!

  16. oh wow! i hope it gets better so you don't need crutches. but happy knitting!!!

  17. Gah! Poor thing! Those must have been some bad, bad boots. I can't believe you were on your feet as much as you were!

  18. Oh no that's awful //// what a great sock!


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