March 1, 2007

Knitting Roundup

So … I have lots on the needles right now and I’m getting kindof bored with of all of it. I think this is just a case of taking on too many largish projects at the same time. Here’s what I have going:

Step Socks:

Haven’t blogged about these yet b/c I figured they would be done super-quick and I would just wait and show them as a finished project. That was weeks ago when I was first told to stay off of my foot. I knocked out the first sock in no time….I think there was some sortof thing going on there – my foot hurt so I was compelled to knit socks to keep that foot nice and warm. Well now my foot is feeling better and the second sock is taking for-ev-er. Although today I started back with taking the bus so hopefully with the bus knitting they will start to grow faster….

Oh yeah – the yarn is Austerman Step…. It has aloe in it. It's amazingly soft and nice.

Matt’s Durrow:

Ok this one I’m not really bored of at all….I’m fine with it taking forever. It’s supposed to. It’s my long-term project. And cables like this don’t appear overnight:
Yeah. My plan that this was going to be done by his birthday (which is in 8 days!) is soooo not going to happen. Perhaps for next Christmas….

Mmmmmalibrigio Scarf:

Haven’t blogged about this one yet either b/c I figured it’s a scarf. How long could it possibly take? Silly me. It's on size 9's and has many, many cables. So not a fast project... but I'm loving the yarn. This is my first malibrigio project and it won't be my last!

I think I need to pick one and obsess over it until it’s done. That way I can move on to bigger and better things….

Like ripping apart my kitchen.


  1. Oh, but they are all so nice, how will you ever pick which one to concentrate on?? But then again, you are probably much more disciplined than I am. I guess I'm far too fickle to be a one-project-at-a-time girl.

  2. You're knitting with the only color of Austermann Step that appeals to me. #21, right? :) They all look great - why don't you get the scarf done first so you can get a little use out of it during winter's last throes.

  3. Wow - everything looks fabulous, Jeanne! I'm soooooo wanting to make something out of the malibrigio but haven't broke down to buy some yet. The sweater is fantastic and I love the socks...getting ready to start a pair of my own if I can ever sit down and pick the pattern ;) I even bought the short bamboo double points, so I can't wait to get started!

  4. All of your projects look great! Thanks for sharing. (I have to laugh that your deadline for your husband's sweater went from 8 days from now to NEXT CHRISTMAS. hee)

    Sorry about your poor doggie too. That must be just as hard for you to go through as it is for him!!

  5. The greys and blues in the sock are so nice.

  6. REALLY love Durrow - it looks absolutely great. Nice work! When I'm bored with my knitting, I start another project...

  7. That colorway on your socks is great! I have the 'here and there' cables scarf on my to do list, and yours looks so cuddly.

  8. Good Golly.. you've just been a knittin' away. Lookin' good!

  9. those are great projects! I hope your man knows how lucky he is to get such a beautiful sweater!

  10. Mmm, Durrow. Mmmm, pretty, colorful cabled scarf. Mmmm....


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