March 15, 2007

Vacation and Socks!

So Florida was great. Relaxing, fun, just good little mini break from winter. I got to take naps by the pool, get some sun, buy flea market t-shirts for $1 and spend some quality time with my grandparents.

And just like last year my grandma taught me a new skill:
Photo Hosted at Buzznet
I made that yarn myself! No, really! It’s merino that a friend of hers gave her… and she let me try spinning it. It may be a little ... rough...

Photo Hosted at Buzznet

but I made it myself!!! I can totally see why spinning is addictive. Especially with merino. She has promised to show me more when she gets back to Cleveland and I can’t wait.

In other knitting news, my mom knit my grandma socks for Christmas and she raved about how much she loved them and wore them all the time. Well then my mom told her "be looking for a package!" so she thought that she would be getting another pair of socks. And she did, sortof... The package contained a skein of Step and a set of sock needles! So before we got there she knit both socks down to the heel so that my mom could re-teach her how to turn a heel:

I, however, took a little more direct approach to providing my grandma with handknit socks:

Those are the Step socks that I made while stuck on the couch. I originally intended to knit them for myself but they turned out too small… luckily my grandma has small feet! I think they went to a happy home.

Here’s a closeup of them before they were finished:

I wanted to show you the Eye of the Partridge heel that I tried. It was a very simple pattern, a little confusing at first, but I love the way it turned out! The other specifics: Basic sock pattern, 64 stitches, top down, size 1 needles, out of Austerman Step yarn color 21.

It was a really nice trip.


  1. woohoo for making your own yarn!

    and grandma's socks look great!

  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again - very cool that you have family that knits!

    Here's my learning to spin tip: Practice drafting (that pulling apart of the fibers before you spin) - it's key to getting it all to come together.

  3. You're such a good granddaughter to make your grandma socks. It's so cool that she taught you to spin during your visit.

  4. Too cute, Looks like your Grandma loves the socks!!

  5. Yay for spinning - it must be such an awesome feeling to have yarn in your hands that you've actually made by yourself! Like you, I can so well understand how addictive spinning can be - will have to try it too one day... soon...
    I absolutely adore that pic of your Grandma wearing her socks, she looks so happy and comfy wearing them - and the socks themselves are totally beautiful in that colourway!

  6. The socks look great - and I'm very impressed with your first venture into spinning! Yay!

  7. Your grandma is so cute modelling the socks you knit for her! I love that all of you knit and knit for each other.

  8. You and me both on the spinning. The socks look great! I love the colorway. Reminds me a little of the carribean ocean, atleast what I saw of it in a magazine. LOL

  9. Ach!!! You are en enabler! Grandma needs to learn to knit her own socks! This is tough love!


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