March 8, 2007

Wicked Winter

So here I was all excited because there are hyacinth to be had and spring must be near and blah blah blah… and we get slapped with 6 inches of snow.
Boo. Luckily I’m leave for Florida tomorrow! Yup… I get to pretend I’m retired for a weekend with my grandparents – just like last year. I can’t wait.
The one little, tiny downside to the trip is that I am leaving without my husband, on his birthday. I felt bad about that for exactly 2 seconds – until his response when I asked him if it was ok was "Sweet. I’ll have a guys weekend" Yeah. While I’m gone a heard of out of town guys is taking over my house. It’s so going to smell like feet and cigars when I get back…
Aaaanyways - I need some vacation knitting because obviously I can’t take all of my many projects with me. Clearly.
So I bought the yarn for, and started, Wicked:
I’ve been stalking this pattern for awhile now (the ladies over at the Sexy Knitters Club are knitting it) but I wasn’t sure what yarn to use. I debated buying the Super Merino called for in the pattern only in a different color… but I just couldn’t justify it. Especially when I have 2 projects going right now that use very luxurious yarn and are still not finished (the mmmmalibritgio scarf and Matt’s sweater). So I wanted to go a little more low budge with this one....

So I’m using Berrocco Ultra Alpaca (5 skeins @ 215 yards of ultra alpaca and Peruvian wool!) in a great shade of Green… pretty sure it’s called Fern. And this totally fits the bill of not knitting anymore things that are pink or red b/c honestly I’ve kindof been in a rut with that.

My original plan was to wait to cast on until I was on the plane on my way. Right. So then I was just going to knit the cabled yolk and start the raglan increases on the plane. You see how well that worked out for me.

So now I’m going to try to get it to the point where I can split off the sleeves before I leave tomorrow. That way I’m into the mindless body knitting for my trip. Should work out perfectly.

I plan on knitting the ¾ length sleeves, leaving off the pocket, and adding in some short row bust shaping. Oh and my gauge swatch totally lied to me – I knit it flat and the sweater is knit in the round so I think it’s just a case of me purling looser than I knit. To accommodate for that I’m just adding rows to the raglan part until it fits….

Does anyone know if you can bring the knitpicks options needles on a plane? Hmmmm...

I don’t care if you want to pet me.
I have no intention of moving until spring.


  1. OHH I love the green!! What size needles are you using?

    You should be able to take them on a plane...I took addis last summer without a problem. I hope they are OK Have fun in Florida!

  2. I've never had a problem with taking any kind of knitting needles on a plane.

    How do you like the Ultra Alpaca? The bright green looks nice.

    LOL at feet and cigars - exactly the combo it smells like when Jim has a poker party...don't forget beer or Jack Daniels..that's usually an added aroma we get too.

  3. I've never had a problem with any knitting needles on a plane either (ooh, let's make a movie about that - NOT!) however, I would NOT take your whole set on the plane. That might bring your intentions up to question. Stash them in your suitcase if you need to take the whole set. . . . .

  4. I love that green! Very, very pretty.

    Hope FL was a blast!

  5. That's a great Green!

  6. The KnitPicks needles are sharp, but I've never had issues taking them on a plane. Never! The only people who are worried are my fellow passengers, but you should be fine!

  7. I've been eyeing the wicked pattern as well. I can't wait to see how it comes out!


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