March 16, 2007

Yarn Harlot!

So I just found out…


Saturday, March 31, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Legacy Village, 24519 Cedar Rd. 2:00pm.

I’m so there. So there. Who else is in? Any one else want to come to town for this event? Or send a hat so you can represent? I’d be happy to bring any hats you guys want to make…

Most importantly… who wants to go out for an after party?

And while we're talking about Cleveland knitting events ... anyone else going to this?


  1. Cooooool! I have to double check, but I think she'll be in Ann Arbor (closer for me) on April 1. Yay! I'm so excited, too!

    So much fun to see your Grandma in the socks you made. Welcome home!

  2. Yeah!! I've gotit marked on my calendar. I am going to the KF also. I'm signed up for drop spindle.

  3. I noticed that she is coming to cleveland! I may be out of town that weekend, but I am hoping to be able to go. It would be great to meet you!

  4. Ah man! Of course she's coming AFTER I move away. RATS!

    BUT. . . . . I've been looking at going back for a visit and you've enticed me with the KF, how would you like a buddy to go with ya?

  5. Yay!!! How cool - can I come over too? ;) Okay, that'd be, like, 10 hours by plane or so... Have a lot of fun, will you?

  6. OK so how did I miss this?!?!?!?!? I'd love to go...need to double check my calendar but I think I'm open. It would be sooo fun!!! We will have to meet up for sure!!!!!!

  7. Annie6:19 AM

    A couple of us from the West side will be there! Are you going to the Knitting/Sewing/Quilting show at the IX Center? Unfortunately it's the same weekend as Stephanie is coming, but it's going on all weekend.

  8. I am SO bitter. She will be here the weekend that I am going to DC to see the in-laws. GRRRR.

  9. Debbie10:37 AM

    Yes, I plan to be there with my non-knitting, totally-fiber-enabling sweetheart.

    I’m also going to see the Harlot in NYC on Thursday. Looking forward to the events!


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