April 16, 2007


So check out how cute this dog is:
The black furry guy is my parents’ dog, Max, and the brown one is “Buddy” - it’s not his name we’ve just been calling him that b/c once you name it you own it. Max is a good dog so when my pushy little dog or my bro’s ADD ACD lays on his bed he just gives up and goes somewhere else. But “Buddy” is such a sweetheart that Max is cool with sharing.

In fact he’s so non-aggressive that when my little dog (a terrier with a napoleon complex and serious jealousy issues involving me petting other dogs. He thinks attacking dogs10 times his size is totally a good plan when it comes to defending my honor) bit at him “Buddy” ran the other way…

Problem is that “Buddy” is probably a pit bull. Most shelters have a policy against taking pit bulls – and if they do take him there’s a good chance they would just put him down b/c of his breed. Which is so sad because he is just the sweetest dog. There’s no killer here. Just a puppy without a happy home….
We’ve listed him on craigslist and are in contact with the Pit Bull Rescue Center who have said that it will probably take months to find him a home and even then there are no guarantees…

Anyone have any other ideas?


  1. What a sweet puppy!!! I think he's found a buddy too, in Max! ;-)

    Cruelty to animals drives me so up the wall that I prefer never to get into these discussions. Your parents are very sweet in keeping him even if for a while (maybe longer?;-)

    Pitt Bulls are actually not violent, they're brought up to be that way. I worked for 5 years with a woman who adopted a pitt bull since the age of 2 (he's now 10) and he was the cheesiest doggy I've seen! With love and care, every animal is happy and non-violent!

    Good luck - I wish I could help!

  2. AWw he seems so sweet, but I'm at my pet limit. You might try to call around to some places that board dogs or vets...some Will try to take some in and adopt them out...I know there was an "orphan" when we picked up our dogs. (he was such a sweetie..I had a moment then stopped myself)The Berea animal shelter is a no kill shelter also....

  3. This website was on Ch5 not long ago.. it might help too:
    http://www.helpmefindmypet.com/ Such a sweet puppy.

  4. Awwww, he and Max look adorable together. I hope Buddy can find a forever home, because he surely deserves one! (((HUGS))) to your parents for fostering him.

  5. it makes me sad how pit bulls are viewed. not all pit bulls are bad. my guy is part pit and he's really a sweetheart. i hope buddy finds a great home.

  6. we just met someone who has a 4 mo old pit bull girl at the dog park yesterday...maybe you could post a sign on their bulletin board to see if anyone can help. he's super cute!


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