April 27, 2007

october road.

Disclaimer: This is the Laziest Post Ever.

So since I have no way to download photos and very very crappy home internet access but I hate to have only had 1 post in the past 2 weeks I thought I’d share this with you….

This is copied directly from an email from my bestest friend:

OK, last night I turned on Grey's Anatomy, and they pre-empted the show for "full coverage" of the tornado watch in Hocking County. Right after Grey's, f-ing "october road." came on. And they showed this preview of the lead character running toward someone - "who's he going to choose?" bull-sht. And I lost the remote.

I'll spoil it for you. He chose the blonde, the one he loved in high school, and the one who's son he think he fathered. BIG SURPRISE. Especially after they spliced shots of him running toward the girl, with images of his maybe girlfriend (Aubrey) packing to leave town. Like we were supposed to think just because he was running, and she was packing that we (the really stupid viewer); would think that he was running to catch her before she left. But then, OMG they change it up on us, and the blonde comes to the door, not the brunette. SHOCKER. And don't get me started on the names. These people in this town have the dumbest names (did I tell you about when I found out there is a set of twins on the show called Jasper and Casper!)

Oh, and there's a character that is agoraphobic. Apparently, he hasn't been outside for "6 Septembers". Really? Is this how we are refering to 9/11 now. Are we really splicing this into crappy evening soaps? Greeeeaaat. Well, this really pale, unattractive character finally stepped outside because he fell in love with the Pizza delivery girl, and he wanted to stand in the sun with her. Awesome. (like a hot dog).

Then, let's see what other crappy plot development and advancement happened... um, the cute guy that was the football player in high school, finally admitted he like the quirky fun-loving "over weight" girl that works at the bar. Ah, love. It can triumph over the greatest obstacles.

Some dude found out his wife was cheating on him with his good buddy, that totally looks like his kind never fully evolved from cromagum man.

The lead character got pushed through a window by the football hero because the lead character has better hair the the football player or could pull off the five o'clock shadow look and he couldn't, or something just as girl-lie.

Oh, and when the lead character finally professed his love to the blonde - who showed up in the doorway from un-doubtedly the foyer right behind the door waiting for his cue (which was of course right before the blonde and the dude kiss.)but the real baby-daddy. Gavin Goddard, or some alliteral crapy name like that. "Dude, it's not what you think." she says as dude is walking away, all hurt and sulky (I think that the only look this guy has, like Zoolander, only not funny). Then Baby-Daddy and son played catch in the yard, while the dad was wearing a suit, as if he just came back from work (I mean wardrobe and the pool of extras ABC keeps on guard in case they need a random guest star to stir sh*t up). Really? Who plays catch in the yard anymore? And wearing a suit? I mean, don't you know what happened 6 septembers ago? If you don't play catch in jeans and a t-shirt, listening to country (or rock and roll), with an American flag in the background, then the terrorists have won.

This show is terrible. period.

And my response:

the same unfortunate thing happened to me!!!! Did you notice that their little "band" has actual microphone stands - like the ones you put real microphones in -with... wait for it.... HAIRBRUSHES in them?! That bothers me so very much. They took the time to buy microphone stands but not microphones. AAAAAAH. So. Very. Contrived.

And the second I saw that window I knew someone was going to crash through it before the episode ended. I was actually kindof taking bets on who.

And the whole I love rollercoasters speech made me seriously question the intelligence of the writing staff. Rollercoasters? Really? That's the best they could do as an example of the "outside stuff"?

Why can't I change the channel when this show is on? Why?

And my friend Jason’s response:

And that punctuation just kills me. october road. It’s so pretentiously ee cummings. october road. So frought with wonder and meaning that it is an entire sentence, an entire story, unto itself. october road. The very essence of the universe is contained in those two words.

I am waiting for the show “crystal pepsi.”
I think we are all waiting for the show crystal pepsi.

Have a fantabulous weekend!

And if you are going to the Cider Moon trunk show at Soft ‘n Sassy tomorrow perhaps I’ll see you there!


  1. The "idea" of October Road tempted me at first, but then I watched the show. Not so impressed.

    So the trunk show is all day, huh? Maybe I'll try to go in the morning/early afternoon. I'm busy after 2pm... but a girl can always use some yarn, right?

  2. OMG too funny! I love love love your friends synopis of it, so true, yet I also seem unable to change the channel... The first episode I was like hmm this could be intersting...then it's like hmm is it going to get better? But then again I'm not watching ER anymore sooo I need something on Thurs. nights!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hey, I saw you on Cider Moon's blog holding some yummy yarn! LOL Good for you for finally getting some in your hands. :-) I said, "Hey, there's Jeanne!" Sure enough, a linky-poo to your blog.


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