April 20, 2007

Random spring day in Cleveland

Some random pics of Edgewater Park:

I took the little dog on a walk there last night just because it was so nice out…cold is fine as long as it’s sunny!

In other news Wed. night our rowing coach from last year took our team out for a little pre-season warm up… we rowed 5.2 miles. It was awesome. I can hardly move my legs today. I’m so looking forward to summer!

Oh and did everyone see 30 Rock last night? The whole episode centered around how great Cleveland is! Check out their guide to Cleveland... I wonder who at our tourism board had to do what to get that episode aired.

Overall they did a pretty good job of showing how great our city is…Although there were several comments on "club hopping in the flats" that are um... outdated to say the least. Right now they are ripping down the “clubbing” part of the flats to make way for a whole new retail/entertainment complex.
Here's some pics my dad took of the flats back in early March:
Wed. night we rowed past there and pretty much all of the buildings in those photos were gone.

And can I just say how sick I am of national stations needing to use stock footage (sometimes really outdated stock footage that doesn’t have the Courthouse Building in it) of our skyline because for about 2 years now the Terminal Tower has looked like this:

(not my photo… I got it here)

I've heard many, many rumors about what's going on with the scaffolding but the bottom line is that they aren’t going to be finished "restoring" it any time soon. Boo.

(Also not my photo - I got it here)

Seriously, Forest City – please fix our icon!

So anyways… have a good weekend… we’re hitting up Tremont tonight to celebrate my birthday and it’s warm enough to drink outside!


  1. I usually do not watch tv but I actually watched last night and saw most of 30 Rock, at least the Cleveland parts.

    Um I read your tourism sentence as 'Who' did the tourism person have to do to get that episode aired.

    I've not lived in Cleveland for nearly 10 years and I know the Flats are no longer the place to go. I did not know about the new development.

    Did not know about the scaffolding on the Terminal Tower either. Forrest City needs to get in gear.

    Thanks for a fun little photo tour of Cleveland. Have fun in Tremont tonight.

  2. beautiful day today. Sunday suppose to be in 70s woo hoo!!

  3. I didn't see the 30 Rock episode, but that's great that they used Cleveland in it! Love your pictures posted. There are some things that I really love about this city, and you captured a few of them in the pictures you posted.

    Hope you had fun in Tremont! Happy Birthday again!

  4. I liked the pics of Cleveland as I have not been there before! It seems to be like Chicago in that it looks great in the spring and summer!

  5. Hope you had a great birthday!

  6. sooooooo happy spring is finally here...we took the girls to the dog park in lakewood yesterday and it was so nice to see everyone out and about w/o scarves and hats finally haha

    sorry i didn't make it out friday night...hope you had a blast!

  7. Perfect timing -- we'll be in Cleveland this weekend.

  8. Cleveland is such a great and underrated town!! :-)


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