May 24, 2007

7 things...

Ok so I got tagged for a 7 things MEME and an 8 things MEME but I'm lazy so I'm just going to do 7. Since my main objection to the MEME’s is that they don’t come with pictures (hate posting w/o pics) I’ll just share some shots of my garden. I have no knitting to share lately but my yard is starting to shape up nicely….

7 Random Things/Habits about me:

1.) I love to read in bed. When I’m done reading I just put the book down on the bottom shelf of the night stand next to me (my nightstand is this one from Ikea – pic of it in my room here). Problem is that I always forget that bottom shelf is there… so what happens is when I’m done with a book another one piles on top of it… and then another one on top of that… eventually they gradually are slid to under the bed just by being pushed there from the newewst addition to the pile. So at any given time I have about a million books under my bed. And a magazine or twelve. Yup. I’m a freak.

2.) I love Taco Bell. But my husband hates it. So I don’t eat it all that often – however whenever I’m left to my own devices for dinner it’s a safe bet I’m having a chicken quesadilla complete with mild taco sauce. Yummy.

My poppies are blooming! Despite having accidentally almost killed all of them last year by moving them all around. Poppies don't like being messed with.

3.) During the summer I water/ weed / deadhead/ putz around in my garden before I even go in my house. It would make more sense for me to go in and change into junky clothes instead of trying to weed in heels and “business” attire but I get distracted and never make it that far.

4.) I always eat chips/crackers/etc with the salty side down and the dip on top. That is clearly the best way to eat salty things b/c then you get to actually taste the salt!

5.) I really enjoy walking my dog because I like scoping out all of the yards around my neighborhood. And whenever I see a house for sale along my route I always look it up on to see how much it’s selling for and what it’s features are, etc. Nosey, I know, but interesting.

6.) One of the things I’ve always dreamed of doing I’m going to do at the end of August this year. I'll blog about it soon.... but not quite yet.

The peonies are about to burst – see the ant on there? The ants are what makes the flowers open. Hopefully some of them will have popped by the time I get home today!

7.) Yesterday when getting on the bus for my ride home I spotted another knitter! So of course I sat next to her – when given the option always sit next to the knitter b/c knitters are generally good people. The second I sat down I remembered my unbreakable rule: I don’t talk to people on the bus. Bus conversation is awful. All of the small talk is out of the way in the first five minutes and then I’m stuck sitting there in uncomfortable silence wondering if I should come up with something to say next not wanting to put my headphones back on b/c I don’t want to insult them. It cuts into my knitting/space out/relax time, and honestly, I have friends. I don’t need bus friends. I need to detox after the stress of work so that I don’t bring it home with me. So after I sat down I panicked… do I break my rule? Do I not knit so as to not break my rule? How do I relax on the (otherwise kindof awful) bus ride if I’m not knitting? So I very quietly, very simply, very un-dramatically took out my sock and started knitting. She looked over and kindof nodded and then went back to her scarf. So we both just sat there for the duration of the bus ride happily knitting along, happy to be sitting next to another knitter, happy to not chat and to just knit. She got off of the bus before I did and as she did turned back and gave me a very knowing smile. I hope she’s on my bus again. Perhaps I’ll even break my rule (probably not).

Whatever this is is blooming like crazy – It’s like I have a giant ball of pink in my front yard. Love it!

I'm not tagging anyone b/c that's the way I roll. Actually, come to think of it I'll tag Jennifer in the hopes it will get her back in a blogging mood... Hi Jennifer!


  1. That mystery pink ball is a Rhododendron! I have 2 in my front yard.

  2. Ditto what Natalie said... she just beat me to it. :-)

    Can't wait to hear what you're doing at the end of August.

  3. Mmmmm.... Taco Bell.... Maybe I'll stop there for dinner on the way home.

  4. Dude,

    #1 You ARE lazy as you could have written ONE more stinkin fact and taken care of BOTH of us. OK, I know where I lay in the priority list of your life now. . . .>sulking away sadly< . . . .JK

    #2 Your poppy is beautiful. I covet your poppy. 'nuf said

    #3) Yes that is indeed a rhododendron. Lovely, lovely plant. I miss my rhododendrons. I might have to plant one now.

    #4) I LOVE taco bell too. Unfortunately, everyone in my family loves taco bell. That CAN be a problem. ..

    #5) I had no idea that ants where necessary in order for peonies to bloom. Really? Huh, need to go read up on that now. . .

    #6) I do wacko stuff with books too. I often collect them and don't even read them then find them weeks later onlhy to ravish them in no time flat.

    #7) I think the bus knitter story is too cute and I (much like she did) totally get the whole silently knitting together thing. TOTALLY!

    and last but not least

    #8) See? 8 facts isn't hard now is it? >wink<

  5. Oh yeah, I love scoping out yards and houses too. In fact, I love riding in the car at night when Pea drives, because sometimes you can catch a glimpse inside people's lit windows. Okay, I know that makes me sound like a Peeping Tom - I swear I'm not. I just like seeing what the rooms look like. (Okay, yeah, I'm a freak!!)

  6. That rhododendron is gorgeous! I have those too (and I'm glad someone else doesn't immediately know the names of all flowers as there are a lot of them I don't know.)

    I love Taco Bell too - my husband will eat it but not as often as I would. We probably eat it once every couple of months or so - bean burrito and soft beef taco is what I always get, he gets five hard shell beef tacos with lots of hot sauce packets.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. What a fun list. I like the bus story, too.

    Our big yearly parade around here is a rhodedendron festival with floats and all. They even grow wild in our forests. Love em!

  8. your bus knitter story is awesome! i love it!


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