May 25, 2007


Ok.. fine, Jannett, I’ll come up with an eighth thing…..

8.) I have terrible, horrible, no good, very bad taste in music. I’m perfectly ok with this because I know it could be much, much worse. I could like Nickleback. Shudder.

So big shout-out to Amy who I got to meet for lunch today! Funtimes! It’s very nice to have a friend in Akron since I have to go there for work so much…. Yeah for knitblogging!

So is anyone going to this this weekend? I actually completely forgot about it until today… My grandma and I are going tomorrow morning – the market opens at 10 and we should be there right around then. Say hi if you see me!!! I’ll probably be wearing my Green Gable.

Oh and it’s a wonderful thing that I’m going to a fiber festival since my grandma gave me one of these for my birthday: Yup. I’m kindof a spinner now.
I have to pick which one I like better and then I get to keep it for my very own. It’s a tough decision to make considering my limited knowledge of spinning…any thoughts?

I also have this to play with:

But I have no idea how to use it yet. Baby steps.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!!!


  1. I'll take a stab at the spinning wheel stuff...

    The Ashford (traditional? - single drive?) is a great basic wheel. Bobbins will run you $8 - $10.

    The Louet S10 is also a great basic wheel. It is bobbin driven and the tension is all controlled by that little strap over the orifice. Bobbins will run you about $28.

    I've got a Louet S17 (very similar to the S10) and while it was wonderful to learn on, my next wheel will have more tension options and likely be a double drive. I'm finding it hard to adjust for fibers that have an unusually long staple or a very short staple.

    I don't know how easy the Ashford is to transport but my Louet fits in the front seat really well so is quite portable. Which would be nice if I knew of any spinning groups in Cinci...

    If I had to do it all again knowing what I know now, with your choices I'd probably pick the Ashford even though I'm partial to the Louet's style. Just to have more growing room as my skill increased. But I love my Louet - don't get me wrong! For the most part it's a good all-purpose wheel.

  2. Wave if you see me/us!


  3. Oooo, you lucky girl. They are both beautiful. I have a Louet s10 so that's all I know. It's a nice, basic wheel that doesn't take up much space. Have fun at the fiber show -- I think Laura and Preeti are going.

  4. It looks to me like you have a choice between a singel treadle and a double. If you know nothing about spinning yet to make a decision based on technique - take time to at least get a feel for the treadles. You may find the single treadle is more comfortable for you, or maybe the double.

  5. Good luck with the spinning. I did the drop spindle at KF and did ok, but my arms got so tired. If I ever do decide to take up spinning, it will definately be the wheel. Hope to see your pictures of the wool fest.

  6. ashley9:46 PM

    I've got the traditional.... It's a great wheel... You can spin lace and all that one it, but it wouldn't travel nearly as well as the louet would.

  7. That's a pretty wheel!

  8. Good luck with the spinning!! :)

  9. i hope you have a real good time with your grannie. i am looking forward to doing some fiber and craft related things like that with my own grannie when i move back home next year!


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