May 14, 2007

All Star Cleveland Weekend

So this past weekend was insane. We seriously hit up all of our fav. Cleveland things in one weekend.

Friday we met another couple for dinner at Heck’s. I’d never been there before but I will definitely go again! Their burgers are amazing. Like best in the city amazing. (they claim it on their website and they aren’t kidding). Plus we sat outside and I love me a sidewalk cafĂ©. Especially one like this one in a residential neighborhood where you can watch people and their dogs walk by. It feels very… I don’t want to say European b/c that’s too clichĂ©…I think the right word is Urban. Very urban.

(Not my pic – it’s from here)

From there we went to the Tremont Art Walk. Hadn’t done that in awhile - it is so fun! I love seeing all of the different things going on. And my fav. Cleveland artist Paul Duda just opened a gallery on Professor so we got to go to the opening. It’s really a nice space – I can’t wait to see what other shows he will have there!

And of course if you’re out in Tremont you end up barhopping. It’s just part of the deal. We were pretty beat, though, so we went for a little chill time at 806… That place is great for relaxing. Then it was on to the Tree House which I’m pretty sure is my favorite bar in all of Cleveland. I love the atmosphere there – and the Scully artwork. Plus their pineapple yummy (some sort of vodka/pineapple concoction they keep in a jug behind the bar) is ridiculously good. It’s also ridiculously drunk so you have to be careful of that….

Sat. we spent all day at my grandparents’ house – Matt helped build a walkway while I worked on my spinning (a lot more on that later)…. Then we met up with some out of town friends for wine and appetizers at Nido Italia. I’d never been there before – apparently they recently had a nice write up in the Plain Dealer? We were talking to the owner and he said that between that and mothers day they were having a crazy-busy weekend. I can see why, though. The appetizers we had were out of this world. I can only imagine how good their actual food is… But sadly we didn’t have time to try it b/c from there we were off to the Playhouse to see Linconesque. Great political comedy. Totally amusing. And the set design was pretty awesome in and of itself.

Anyways from there we rushed downtown to E. 4th to meet some people for the Midnight Martini Show at Pickwick ‘n Frolic. So much fun. They sing Rat Pack songs to a lounge – type crowd. The singers are actually really good and the show is hilarious. Really anything based on “Sinatra in Vegas” has to be good. After the show we headed over to the Corner Alley. Sadly we were too late to bowl – eh. Perhaps next time.

Sunday… no big Cleveland things on Sunday. But we did turn this hard to mow area of weeds:
Into this bed ready to be filled with flowers:
With a nice little walkway so I can get at all of my plants:

I also hit up Buyer’s Outlet (it’s on Warren Road) for all of my veggies for this year’s Salsa Garden. Their pepper selection is outstanding - and they carry 10 different kinds of tomatoes (if you hit it right – they go quick. You have to be there when they are unloading) And 3 plans for $1?! At home depot they cost $2.49 for one! I still need to buy a few more flats of flowers (at $9.99 per flat I can afford to really go crazy with the flowers) but I want to get my veggies in first.

Whew! I’m kindof glad it’s Monday so I can relax!

Knitting and San Antonio still to come….


  1. what a great weekend you had! Makes me all homesick for Cleveland. . . . until I think about the snow and such during the winter (wink).

    Hey, I have to use something to keep me from missing it there too much, y'know?

  2. thx for all of the fab cleveland links...i will keep this post in my favorites somehow so we can check out all of these great places!

    the yard work looks good...can't wait to have one of my own to work on, although i'm nearly as ambitious about it as you yet : )

  3. This sounds like fun, we may have to do this crawl next time we're in Cleveland!

    (Go Tribe!) :-D

  4. Secret Pal 10 Pal12:06 AM

    Ok, I am OFFICIALLY the WORST Secret Pal! I have not forgotten you! I hope you won't hate me after you see your gifts! Your blog is always fun to read :)

  5. Hi Jeanne, Thanks for coming to my gallery opening and mentioning me in your blog! I hope to see you again sometime at the gallery.

    Paul Duda


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