May 8, 2007


So I’m overwhelmed I have so much to blog about… lots ‘n lots to blog about. San Antonio was awesome, Al Gore is a rock star, and lots of knitting was done on the plane and while camping out to see the rock star’s speech. But I want to play outside right now so I’m just going to cop out and post some Cleveland pics from my dad.

This one was taken last Monday:

This one was taken yesterday morning:

Both were taken in exactly the same spot. Crazy how much the sun moved in just one week! But I guess that means that summer is rapidly approaching….

Ok… off to weed and figure out what I want for this year’s salsa garden!

San Antonio pics soon...


  1. that first shot is gorgeous - do you have the full-size version and would your dad mind you sharing it? i would love to have it as my desktop!

  2. Those pictures are beautiful! Sounds like San Antonio was great ... how was Al's speech? And how did he look? When I was in college, I interned on Capitol Hill and my friends and I called him "Senator Gorgeous". Ha! But time has not been kind to him, I think. :)

  3. Pictures are gorgeous! I'd have them framed!!

  4. saw this button and thought of you..


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