May 19, 2007

Staying In

So tonight I’m home early… despite the intense desire to go to the Garage Bar after the Burning River Rollergirls Bout that I just came home from (holy crap do those girls rock! I so want to do it! But it’s 3 nights a week and would totally conflict w/ rowing. Perhaps in another life. Or next year.). Aaaanyways I’m totally being responsible and going to bed early and all of that b/c tomorrow I have to be up very, very early. Tomorrow my brother is running the Cleveland Marathon. So proud! Although, sadly, he can't run with his training partner. Heh.

Plus last night was a bit of a doozie. Seriously, now that it’s summer out again it’s hard not to want to go out every night. We kindof hibernate in winter and withdraw into our own little couch bubble – Matt plays video games and I knit. Alot. And we make chili and watch movies and are complete homebodies. But now… now it’s crazy being home this early on a weekend. Especially since it’s our very good friend Osam’s last weekend in Cleveland. The first of many goodbye parties was last night at Panini’s on Coventry. He, of course, had to get his picture taken with as many people as would let him:

We’re so going to miss him!
If you’re anywhere near downtown early tomorrow morning stop by the marathon route (link on the left hand side) and root my brother on!
Oh yeah... and...


  1. I hope your brother did well at the marathon! I was there to cheer on a lot of friends. It is perfect weather out there today to run a race!

  2. I hope your brother did great today. It was the perfect day for a marathon.

  3. P.s. Almost forgot here's the mitred square pattern you were looking for.

  4. I saw some marathoners by the Rock Hall on Sunday. Maybe one of them was your brother. Also, I've tagged you for the seven random things meme on my blog.


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