May 2, 2007

Travel Knitting

So I’m sitting here waiting for my ride to get here and it occurs to me: clearly I need a travel project other than just a sock. So I’m going to try to knit a short-sleeved Sahara out of this:

That would be South West Trading Company Bamboo that I bought last year. The gauge I just frantically knit is smaller than what’s called for in the pattern but I think I can make it work. I’m so going to end up doing more math on the plane ride than knitting...

In any case I think it’s pretty neat I’m going to a convention at which the theme is "growing beyond green" and I’m going to be knitting out of Bamboo - a renewable, green, and very popular building material. Which, by the way, I think totally justifies knitting during Al Gore’s speech. (I get to see Al Gore speak! I heart him! Can you be a groupie of an aging ex-politician?)

I think I have time for a few gratuitous pics before I leave:
Cleveland from the water pic from my Dad. He put his boat in Sunday and this was the first trip out of the season.

Dexter is definitely going to miss me while I’m gone.

Catch y'all when I get back on Sunday!

Ok that was my attempt at a Texas accent. I don't think I'm the type of person who can pull off y'all. Oh well.


  1. It's so cool that you can tie your bamboo yarn in with the convention. It really does all come back to knitting!! Have a safe and lovely trip.

  2. Hey, if I can pull off the "y'all" after just 5 months of living in NC then you certainly can pull it off in Texas, right?

    Enjoy and I can't wait to see the progress on Sahara. That color is going to look amazing on you!

  3. Perfect project for the occassion! My favorite color, too.

    I come from a family of Texans (the other side is from New York, what a combination!) I can't pull off a good y'all to save my bacon!

  4. short sleeved sahara is super-sexy! have a great trip, jeanne! ps - love the pic of dex...squinty-sunshine eyes is my fave!

  5. Have a fun trip!

    Yes you can crush on Al. I heard him speak live at Ohio State back in the late 90's. There were Secret Service Agents all over the Oval. I did not get the whole 'Al Gore is a robot' thing at the time. He seemed quite animated and personable.

    Happy Travel Knitting!

  6. OHH Hope the bamboo works out...such a pretty color great for the Sahara!

    Have fun at your convention!

  7. I'm just a sucker for dog pics. :) And too cool that you get to see Al Gore! I always liked him best in his angry, bearded phase. I think he should go back to the beard. :)

  8. Lori on Little Traverse Bay6:33 PM

    Is "little dog" by any chance a Toy Fox Terrier (or a Rat Terrier)? We have one (TFT), too! Cute! I'm a knitter in NW Lower Michigan, and my parents are in NE Ohio (Canton area), so I check out the Ohio knitting blogs on occasion, with a special fondness for Cleveland! (I got to see the Yarn Harlot there last month.) Have fun with "Sahara," it will be beautiful!

  9. Al Gore? Awesome! Have fun.


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