June 1, 2007

Great Lakes Fiber Festival

So last Sat. morning my grandma and I went to the Great Lakes Fiber Festival for a few hours… I know I’ve mentioned this before but my grandma is the ultimate enabler of the fiber habit. She may look all innocent making friends with this adorable alpaca:
Grandma and an Alpaca

But really? She’s like a crack dealer who pushes wool. And now that I’ve shown an interest in spinning? Forgetaboutit. Check out what she got me:
Um yeah. That’s 1lb 3 oz of space dyed superwash roving. It looks like fire and feels like air:
I can’t wait to spin it. But sadly, I’m not allowed to yet. I have to spin this first:

That’s Shetland Wool from Blackberry Farm (the sheep it came from’s name is Baba. She’s apparently a very “ornery” sheep. Sheep can be ornery. Who knew?). It’s beautiful as well… just not as fiery.

I wasn’t actually going to buy any yarn but then I ran into Linda and Annie (hi ladies!) who mentioned that there was Cotton Fleece to be had for $4 a skein thanks to Sheep Shed Studios. That’s completely irresistible and justifiable. So I bought a Rusted Root:
Cotton Fleece
Or perhaps another Green Gable? Not sure yet but the color is Peridot and I heart it.

I also came home with quite possibly the coolest thing ever.
Fleece Artist Thrum Mittens Kit
That would be a Thrummed Mittens kit by Fleece Artist. It’s awesome and fun and colorful and so very amusing. It took every ounce of will power I had not to cast on for them immediately. I do realize that knitting the warmest thing possible to knit at the start of summer is a bad, bad plan but do you see how fun this is?
Fleece Artist Thrum Mittens Kit
Yeah. Very, very tempting….

I’d say it was a pretty good day!

Also… I’m trying out possibly switching to flickr for my photo hosting… I originally started out with Buzznet b/c I’m NOT a yahoo fan for many, many reasons and flickr is a Yahoo company…Plus Buzznet lets you do so much w/o paying where as with flickr I’d most definitely have to become Pro. But seeing how I’m completely addicted to the knitting groups on flickr and have been for awhile now and how I use them for research whenever I want to start a new project I figure I should probably contribute. Although really it's because Ravelry only uses Flickr....We’ll see how it goes. So far I’m really liking the batch upload tools, though!


  1. Nice haul. Cute picture of your Grandma... I bet the alpaca was saying.. please take me home with you :)

  2. Is that all you got at the festival? Such restraint!

    After you've been spinning a while I'll expect to see you leading home an alpaca for your backyard. ;)

  3. rusted root! rusted root! omg...love that garment!!

  4. The thrummed mittens look like fun! I can't believe I left the festival without buying any Fleece Artist.

  5. Annie6:42 AM

    It was nice to run into you at the fiber fair, and I'm glad we inspired you to buy some of that cotton fleece! At least you showed some restraint...I bought enough for 3 summer sweaters! Your Grandma is adorable:)

  6. ashley1:37 AM

    You're right it does look exactly like what I bought! Except when I bought it they hadn't broken it down into smaller bags yet..

    See.. mine looks more dark/lighter reds.. but if you pull the roving apart... it's bright golds in the middle... gorgeousness.

  7. i'm looking forward to seeing how the fiery roving spins up for you. i never get tired of seeing the before/after shots of the roving-to-yarn process... the thrummed mitten kit is a great idea too!

    i've been thinking of moving my knitting photos exclusively over to flickr too - partly because it's the host you need in order to use the new ravelry site. plus, like you said, the groups are really great.

  8. Oh, that thrummed mitten thing looks awesome. I need to get one, because I love mittens, and, well, it gets cold here.


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