June 13, 2007

On again Off again…

Right so it seems like this blogging thing for me has been very on again off again… lots going on so I’ll just make a list…

1.) I’ve figured out that blogging and laundry are inversely proportional. The less I blog the bigger the laundry pile gets. Clearly the two things are only related to each other and not any other factors (how busy we are, how little time we’ve spent at home, pi). Under this theory I’m hoping that by posting something The Mountain will magically wash and fold itself.

2.) I am not allowed to go out on school nights anymore. I’m hoping that by posting that on the internets where millions (ok tens) of people will read it I will actually abide by this rule. I actually made this rule last week… well then Thursday clearly we had to go out and celebrate after Cleveland’s First Annual Design Competition, and watch Cleveland’s first Championship game in 10 years. And then obviously we had to drown our sorrows because we’re Cleveland fans and that’s how we cope with the constant crush of defeat. Right. So yeah... No more going out on school nights. Except for Wednesdays… Wed is rowing and we have to go out after rowing. And of course there’s another game tomorrow and it’s a home game and our city is going to be nuts – and it might (hopefully not) be the last championship game here for awhile… we so have to got be a part of that….

Do you see how slippery this slope is?

3.) The work crazy: My office is currently considering switching to a completely different drafting program which is a VERY BIG DEAL. I’m on the team of people who is learning/implementing/deciding if we even should implement this new program. So basically that means I’ve been in training last week and this week. It’s interesting… but exhausting.

Also? The training manual had a lesson in it where – and I shit you not – we had to change all of the text on our construction set into - wait for it - comic sans! None of my coworkers were nearly as amused by this as I was.

4.) I’m slightly obsessed with this website: Favorite Run It tracks how many miles you’ve walked thanks to the amazing that is google maps. I heart it. It’s perfect for all of the training I’ve been doing for the big thing that’s happening in August I’ve been too nervous to blog about yet. Curious?

5.) We are currently redoing our bathroom. So far this has meant one late-night house call from a plumber, an indoor waterfall, a future house call by an electrician, and one trip to the emergency room.

6.) I spent all day Sunday in the Emergency Room: First of all we’re both fine – we had to go because Matt cut his arm from wrist to elbow in spectacular fashion while sanding a wall. It’s impressive, I know. When the doctor finally came in to see him after about a million of waiting (luckily I had the forethought to run back into the house to grab my knitting while my husband bled in the car thinking this was a frantic situation. I don’t think he’s ever been to an emergency room before) we were both a little…punchy. So the Doc asked what was wrong and I jumped in with “Nothing a little superglue won’t fix!”

Now, I’m an architect. All architects have at one point in their studies either superglued or drafting taped an x-acto wound together. It’s just part of the deal. Seriously, next time you meet an architect ask them… it makes for some great horror stories. Anyways the Doc looks at me and says with all seriousness “Are you a nurse?”

I looked at him like he had just asked me if I was a cantaloupe. “Um… No?”

“Because that’s exactly what we’re going to do!”

No, really, they superglued Matt’s disgusting, gaping, fleshwound. Superglued! And this is a valid treatment. It seemed sortof like the medical equivalent to if you can’t duct it, fuck it to me but what do I know. Blood freaks me out.

7.) Knitting: has been rather.. nonexistiant around here (see previous list) but I did manage to finally get around to blocking my Shetland Triangle Shawl that’s been finished for over a month:
I looks awesome. I can’t wait to unpin it… many, many, many more photos to follow. Other than that all I can handle is a plain old sock.

So yeah. That’s what’s been going on with me lately. I’ll be back to the blogging world soon… oh and did everyone see the Soprano’s finale?


  1. It is funny how superglue is used as liquid stitches, huh? Hope he's doing much better - and you too!

  2. I know what you're doing in August!! I'm doing it too... maybe I'll see you this weekend, at a certain event tied to the certain bigger event in August?? ;)

    Sorry to hear about your husband. Yikes.

  3. are you running? i know you must be running...tell us all about it!

    wow - what a busy busy time and yikes...superglue a fleshwound, eh - amazing lol

    can't wait to see the new bathroom when it's all done and can't wait to hear about this big secret!!

  4. I have recently been very off of blogging as well. Just don't feel like I have anything good to write about. Well, I don't think I ever had RIVETING posts.

    I'm going to try to post something now....

  5. Thanks for the heads-up on the running site! It sounds awesome!

  6. Phew girl! You're making me tired just reading htis post!! A few years ago hubby got whack in the eye playing basketball, and yup. They superglued it! I hope you get some good knitting time in soon!


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