June 13, 2007

Random Blooms

Right. I wrote this last week and never had a chance to post it... butI wanted to post some random pics of what’s blooming so I'll finally finish it up now...

This rosebush last year literally had 5 pathetic little flowers. This year, well…

I think it somehow knew that if it wasn’t spectacular this year I was going to rip it out. That or the miracle grow rose food that I’ve been giving it semi-obsessively since April…
Although perhaps it’s just a good year for roses b/c my other two rosebushes are also kicking butt:

So very pretty.

The ants did their job – about a week ago the peony went crazy:

And whatever this is is also covered in white blooms:
Although I think right now my favorite flowers are these:
Because in a few months they will be salsa!

Lots going on... a big long post coming soon...


  1. I am so so jealous. Those are gorgeous blooms.

  2. Beautiful blooms. White viney thing is a clematis. So are you running a marathon?

  3. Those roses are gorgeous! I wish I had a green thumb.

  4. Pretty posies! You have 2 green thumbs! I went for cherry tomatoes this year.. so far lots of little green ones. Tip: For more tomatoes, every now and then give your tomato plants a "giggle". If you have yours staked like I do, just give the stakes a little giggle, which will wiggle the tomato plants a little bit. Something about the wiggle and the giggle makes the plants produce more. I have a ton of flowers right now.. imagine that.


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