June 2, 2007

Taking the edge off.

So I’m starting to have a very strong suspicion that my Sahara is headed for disaster (I apologize for the close ups of my armpit):
See how huge the armholes are? Are they supposed to be like that? They seem rather gaping…. But the math works out and the measurement around the chest seems good… it’s just the armholes. I don’t have freakish arms so I’m not really sure what’s happening here.

It seems to be leaning towards side boob. Noone wants that.

Trying to figure out what the hell I need to do to fix it (if anything) just sounds exhausting right now. I think I’m suffering from a little knitting whiplash after finally finishing the spring socks-that-never-end….

So I need something to take the edge off. Something soft and beautiful to make me remember why knitting is so amazing and why I put up with socks that go on forever and sweaters that mock me.

Clearly, I need hand-dyed 100% baby alpaca:
Moonlight Alpaca Scarf
That would be a very, very simple dropped stitch scarf knit from the pattern that came with the yarn (Moonlight Fibers 100% Baby Alpaca, sport weight, 170 yards).
Moonlight Alpaca Scarf
It’s simple, mindless, completely amusing, and best of all? I’m finally getting to use these beautiful hand carved needles that I received as a Christmas gift:
Moonlight Alpaca Scarf
Total Luxury Knitting.

I hope to finish it by the end of the game…



  1. Oh dear, I wish I had the solution to your droopy armpit. I'm sure it can be worked out. I have a skein of that Moonlight too - my colors are on the bright scale. Yours are very pretty.. I think I like yours better. GO CAVS!

  2. not sure what to say about the armholes, other than i know a few pervy guys out there (my husband included lol) who wouldn't mind the side boob hahaha good luck fixing that, if need be.

    the scarf looks great and i love pic in the roses. purdy yarn and i like the pattern...might have borrow that one from ya : )

  3. oh, and i forgot to say that i have needle envy...those rock!!

  4. Did you check out Sexy knitters and ask them about Sahara? So many of them are done with it that someone should be able to help you out with it, no?

    Also, I agree with Jen . . . . . needle envy . . . . BIG TIME

  5. Baby alpaca tends to make everything better. :)

  6. Alpaca seems to be the cure for everything. Just ask my dog! LOL

    No clue on the Sahara. Check the sexy knitters club.

  7. The scarf is so, so pretty! Good luck combatting side-boob. And in the post below, I see you got some goods from Sheep Shed - I'm honestly surprised they had anything left to sell you after Gail and I hit them on the day before. :)

  8. linda9:13 AM

    Love the needles! I was thisclose to buying the thrummed mitten, too. So warm! Love the alpaca and the pattern!

  9. I came here looking for a photo of a sad dog (thanks, Google!), but now I'm sticking around -- great knits! Great ideas! (Really great socks last year!)

  10. marjorie8:29 AM

    I often have that problem, even with purchased tops. If you're fuller in the front than the pattern (or garment designer) expects, the armholes can gape. This happens if you are smaller in the back than in the front--even if your total chest measurement is identical to that specified in the pattern. (It is also a problem with sewing patterns.)

    In this case, if just a little tightening up will work, consider a row or two of single crochet around the armholes--or more crochet if you think you'd like it as a design feature. If that isn't enough, you may have to frog and adjust the pattern. If you have a top with a similar neckline and armholes (or a neck and armholes that you like), use it to make your new measurements.

    That alpaca is just heavenly.


  11. hmmm... i think marjorie has some good advice! I have yet to start on Sahara.
    Pretty scarf, tho!

  12. You know I love this post! It has everything: Lovely yarn, gorgeous needles, and FO....and side boob. My day is now complete :)
    (I have no constructive advice)


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